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What is indigenous about Austrian cuisine? The answer is simple. Austrian's have a huge sweet tooth, and this predilection is reflected by the preoccupation with sweet Mehlspeisen (literally, "flour dishes") and confections.

Many of the famous Austrian recipes, wheather Sachertorte or Salzburger Nockerl, Kaiserschmarrn or Marillenknödel, fall into this category, and are the shining highlights of every Austrian kitchen - cookies, desserts, pastries, cakes of every description. Apart from Mehlspeisen a variety of meat dishes, venison and fowl recipes can be found in Austria.

In recent years Austria has emerged as a paradise for anyone who enjoys pampering the palate. Farmers, wine-makers and restaurateurs alike have discovered a new sense of identity and sophistication. This effort lead to a modern-day Austrian cuisine composed of the very best produce to be found in Austria's well-tendered woodlands and mountain pastures, its orchards and vineyards.

The leading Austrian chefs de cuisine are making their mark on the international culinary scene, while the country's foremost wines regularly garner top prizes at international tastings. Today, Austria blends this world-class cuisine and its authentic "Gemuetlichkeit" at reasonable prices to a compelling offer for every connoisseur.

Salzburger Festspiele Jedermann

The Viennese Coffeehouse


Why Vienna is famous for its coffee houses? How did the exotic coffee-bean find its way into Vienna? Numerous legends abound.

Chocolate Festival in Bludenz



One of the most unusual events in Austria is the Chocolate Festival in Bludenz - held on July 10, 2004.



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Vienna boasts one of the world's most famous culinary traditions. A diverse yet delectably harmonious range of dishes reflects the city's mix of nationalities and food cultures through the centuries, and inspires visitors from all over the globe. Below you will find recipes for some of the most famous Viennese specialities. Why not try out a few for yourself? And, maybe you will soon be eating the originals at a traditional inn or cosy coffee house in Vienna!






You need: 6 eggs, 200 grams cake or pastry flour, 50 grams sugar, 250 milliliters milk, pinch of salt, 40 grams raisins, butter, confectioners sugar, plum puree.







The recipe of the original Sachertorte is a secret but this cake tastes almost the same.




Wiener Schnitzel



A speciality originating from the Italian "costoletta milanese" -breadcrumbed and fried veal escalope, frequently served with Erdäpfel Salat.







Choice pieces of boiled beef with classic garnishes.




Salzburger Nockerln



You need:
4 tsp. unsalted butter 4 tsp. currant or grape jelly whites of 9 large eggs, at -room temperature 1/2 c vanilla sugar zest of 1/2 lemon, 4 grated egg yolks 1/4 c granulated sugar 1/2 c sifted all purpose flour 1.







If you want to bake a delicious Apfelstrudel the dough has to be rolled out very thin. You can also buy the finished dough which tastes good as well.







You need:
150 grams butter - 210 grams flour - 80 grams ground hazelnuts or almonds - 80 grams powdered sugar - one whole egg; 60 grams powdered sugar and 3 tablespoons vanilla sugar to roll in.


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