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Stamps of Austria

HERE is a great page of details for collectors. This is a sample:

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Stamp Mixture - Austria For Sale

An excellent way to get the best value for a beginner collector is to buy a mixture where all stamps are different. This minimizes duplicates which seem to accumulate regardless of what a collector does.

This web site has several offers of stamps for sale. The best buy is 200 different colorful genuine stamps from  Austria for $14 postpaid. All are ready to be placed in a notebook, stock book, or album. That's about 6 cents each, postpaid.

These stamps can form an interesting addition to a school report, make wonderful additions to scrapbooks by croppers, can be framed, and can be included in a genealogical report to demonstrate visions of the home country at very little cost. Since the cost is very small, these stamps can be glued on any sort of poster or bulletin to add interest. I also offer topical stamps which are quite colorful. Click HERE top go to the topicals list where you will find stamps of birds, flowers, cars, boats, trains, planes, flowers, and, well you get the idea. These sorts of stamps can really add interest to reports, posters and school projects. They are also great for show-and-tell. I save stamps from Italy and Sweden mostly because those are the countries of my ancestors. I like having a little piece of something from those countries. You may feel the same.

Here is a picture which represents the sort of stamps you will get when you order 200 different mixture for $14 postpaid. . Since the sale price is so low, I can not scan every mixture and put it on the web site for you to see before you buy. But I can offer a full refund if you are not pleased with what you get. And the mixture you will receive will closely follow what you see in the sample picture. I have high positive feedback at eBay so you can believe I will refund if you do not like what you get. The stamps will not be mounted on a stock sheet as pictured. But rather they will be in an envelope. I will include some stamp hinges for mounting. I will also include an information sheet telling you how to mount the stamps.

Click HERE to see my eBay feedback.

Click this buy now button to pay with a credit card. $14 postpaid for 200 different genuine stamps from Austria.


A PayPal payment can be made directly to

Be sure to specify the country stamp mixture you want and include your address where you want the item mailed.

Click HERE to see other offers of stamp mixtures for sale.




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