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Lausanne Switzerland City Facts

The 1964 Swiss National Exhibition was held in Lausanne. That was the first time I visited this beautiful city. Lake Geneva is a picturesque waterfront which is used to excellent advantage by the Swiss in this city.




Lausanne  (Lake Geneva Region)

Art & Architecture in Lausanne

The Olympic capital Lausanne is built on three hills. And with its labyrinth of winding lanes, the medieval city´s heart is just as fascinating as its geographical location. The Notre-Dame cathedral crowns the hill of the upper city. The Art Brut Collection at Château de Beaulieu is highly unusual. Here, French painter Jean Dubuffet left to posterity his impressive collection of work by artists on the fringe of society. The Elysée Museum is entirely dedicated to photography as an art form.


Hermitage Foundation.
A collection of works by Vaudois and Swiss artists in a patrician villa.

Large picture: Flon district. This trendy quarter has grown out of a former warehouse district. Today Flon is a melting pot of art and culture.


Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne Switzerland travel

It may be the capital of Vaud, but Lausanne isn't your typical cantonal seat. This picturesque, hilly city of 130,000 has vied with Geneva as the intellectual and cultural center of French-speaking Switzerland for centuries.

Lausanne is a convenient place to spend a day or two while touring Switzerland, since its railroad station is a connecting point for trains between France, Geneva, Bern, and the skiing and mountaineering resorts of the Valais. And if you're tempted to skip Geneva because you don't have time to do that city properly, Lausanne is a practical (and manageable) alternative.

Something old, something new

The Cité, or old city, is uphill from the train station. It's packed with fine buildings--among them, Switzerland's largest cathedral, which has been Protestant since the 15th Century. Other landmarks include the 17th Century Hôtel de Ville (city hall), the Palais du Rumine (occupied by several museums), the Château St-Maire (a former bishops' castle), and the Ancienne-Académie (the University of Lausanne's former home).

Heading in the opposite direction--i.e., downhill--you can take a six-minute funicular ride from the train station to the port of Ouchy. This is a great place to stroll along the shores of Lac Léman (a.k.a. Lake Geneva), catch a lake steamer to Geneva or Montreux, or spend a lively evening on the waterfront during the summer months.

Many of the city's other attractions are modern. The Olympic Museum is one of the most popular tourist spots; it offers a varied collection of art objects, Olympic memorabilia, interactive displays, and video clips of famous moments in Olympic history. (Unfortunately, the museum is priced too high for amateur athletes on a training budget.)

Reaching Lausanne

Lausanne is a major railway stop if you're traveling between France or Geneva and the rest of Switzerland. From the station, tracks of the Swiss Federal Railways lead to Neuchâtel, Bern, Montreux, and points beyond.

You can reach the city from Geneva in 40 minutes and from Zürich in 2 hours 45 minutes. By TGV train from Paris, Lausanne is less than a four-hour trip.

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Lausanne Tourism

Situated on three hills with the Lake of Geneva and beautiful vineyards surrounding it, Laussane is a very picturesque town. The striking Swiss Alps are also nearby.

Lausanne is a colorful medieval town with small alleys and boutiques, cafés and restaurants. One can have an easy and relaxed stroll in the vineyards or attend to the other nearest tourist excursions which are equally attractive for the tourists in Lausanne. The cultural hue of this place is also evident in the extensive and numerous festivals celebrated here in the city.

Why Visit Lausanne?

"Olympic Capital" since 1994. Home to the Olympic Museum, the most visited site in Switzerland.

Béjart Ballet of Lausanne is world-famous.

The town combines the lake, the mountains, parks and little, narrow alleys to form a picturesque whole.

Over 16 of its restaurants are listed in top-ranking restaurant guides.

Students from all over the world leave their mark on the life and culture of the University.

Tourist Destinations in Switzerland

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