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Trenitalia is the official online train timetable of Italy. You can buy tickets online and search the database for trains and ferries from and to anywhere in Italy (including the most important connections to other European cities). Site in 4 languages, including English.
The website of Alitalia, with flight schedules, fares and ticketing (in Italian and English)

Portals and sites on tourism in Italy
The website of ENIT, the Italian Tourism Board. With pages on nature, arts, history, accommodation, links to tourist offices, travel agencies etc.
The official website of the Italian Government Tourist Board in North America offers lots of reliable and accurate information on travelling to and within Italy, as well as a comprehensive list of USA and Canadian tour operators specializing in Italy. Website in English only.
The ENIT website also has a map of Italy with the list of all the major cities and information, for each one, about hotels, events and museums.
Discoveritalia is one of the most comprehensive touristic site over Italy, featuring relevant information and providing original trips to first-time as well as experienced travellers to Italy. Discoveritalia enjoys the sound, 100 year-old approach for map-based information originally in the De Agostini Group as well as the wealthy database of touristic content built on decades of business activity.
The City is a comprehensive portal to the websites of all Italian cities. The links are divided by section. In Italian only.
ItaliaPlease is a portal on tourism in Italy, in Italian and English
The home page of the Touring Club Italiano (in Italian, short summary in English).
Italy Online is an online touristic guide on Italy, complete with three search options (by province, by region, by itinerary)
Primitaly is a project devoted to the promotion of tourism in Italy, with pages on every Italian region and information on events, hotels, and more. Site in Italian only.
An extensive list of links to sites about tourism in Italy can be found in the website of Tourism in Italy
Il Giroscopio features over 1,000 pages on tourism in Italy and a powerful search engine.
The Italian Tourist Web Guide
Windows on Italy provides descriptions and information in English on all the 20 Italian regions
From Italy offers tourist information on every Italian region
Italia Turismo features hundreds of addresses of hotels, farm hotels, etc., as well as some itineraries along Italian regions.
Select Italy represents a unique source for all things Italian


Students & Youth:
the website of CTS, the Student and Youth Travel Association
The home page of the Italian Youth Hostels Association
Camping: A guide to camping in Italy, indexed by region
Sailing: the site of the Pagine Azzurre (Blue Pages) offers weather reports and detailed, up-to-date information about ports, harbours and marinas of Italy, as well as on many other aspects of sailing around Italy (in Italian)


Tourist Sites by Region
A comprehensive, easy-to-use portal on Italian regions and cities is katalogo (in Italian)
The tourist information pages of the Regione Abruzzo's official site
A nice site on Abruzzo's culture and natural resources is Abruzzo Home Page (in Italian)
A comprehensive guide on the Abruzzo region can be found at Abruzzo Citta' (in Italian only)
An informative website on Basilicata, formerly known as Lucania (in Italian)
Welcome to Basilicata (in Italian)
The page on tourism in the website of the City of Potenza (in Italian)
Matera is a site devoted to the city in Basilicata (in Italian)
The tourist pages in the official website of the Regione Calabria
Cala Web is a site dedicated to Calabria and its tourist attractions (in Italian)
Calabria Online offers pages on history, travel, accommodation and more -- all in Calabria (in Italian)
The website of Strettoweb allows you to watch live the Strait of Messina and the sea-front promenade of Reggio Calabria
Turismo in Campania features photo galleries, tourist information and even many traditional Neapolitan songs!
Agendaonline - Campania is a portal containing lots of information on tourism in Campania, including lists of hotels, restaurants and cultural events in many cities (in Italian)
Naples: the tourism page of the City of Naples' official website (in Italian and partially in English)
The tourism page of the Regione Emilia-Romagna's official website
Emilia Romagna TravelNet offers information on all aspects of touring the region provides information on the Romagna part of the region (in Italian) provides useful tourist information on the region of the Bologna Appennines
Bologna: Bologn@Turismo is part of the City of Bologna's official website
Friuli Venezia-Giulia
The tourism page of the Regione Friuli's official website (Italian)
Made in Friuli (Italian)
A repertory of links about tourism in Friuli can be found at (in Italian) has good province-by-province tourist information, complete with photos and maps (in Italian)
Trieste: The official website of the Tourism Promotion Board of Trieste
Turismo nel Lazio offers, among other, information on museums and catacombs, plus several sets of links (partly in English)
Il Lazio is a site with tourist information on the region (in Italian)
A website devoted to Tuscia, the region of and around Viterbo
The tourism page of the City of Rome's official website
Romexplorer is an exhaustive site on Rome's tourist attractions, resources and utilities
Romeguide A comprehensive online guide to the Eternal City
The Roma 2000 site was "born to give information to tourists on the services and artistic heritage of Rome"
Roma For You is a useful site with a searchable database of news, events, museums, attractions, restaurants,... (in Italian)
Liguria Turismo is the touristic site of the Regione Liguria
A guide to Liguria on the Internet is in the portal on travel site of
Liguriainrete is the site of FEMCregional agency for the promotion of tourism
A guide on the renowned Riviera dei Fiori
Cinque Terre:
A site on the Cinque Terre
The homepage of the Cinque Terre Tourist Association
Genova: A tourist guide on Genova (in Italian)
Description and info on Lombardia can be found in the official website of the Regione Lombardia
For cultural events and tourist attractions in the region, you can consult the website of the Regione Lombardia's cultural network (in Italian)
A list of interesting links on tourism in Lombardia can be found within the site of the University of Pavia
the Milan Internet Directory
an exhaustive online guide to places and events in Milan is available at milano in (in Italian)
The page on tourism of the official website of Regione Marche
Guidamarche is an online guide to the region (English version upcoming)
A really exhaustive and informative website on Marche is the Marche Voyager, with info on all aspects of the region and its cities
Marche net's website contains lots of information (not only on tourism) about the central Italian region (in Italian)
Ancona: the page on Ancona from the Guidamarche website

Idea Molise features lots of tourist information about Molise, as well as a list of links to other interesting sites (in Italian)
A list of the Tourist Board offices in Molise can be found in the site of the Italian Tourist Web Guide
Welcome to Molise offers information on Molise's history, culture and traditions

The English version of the official website of the Regione Piemonte, with information for tourists and more
Piemonte online is a zine on Piedmont
Itinerari - Piemonte Turismo e Cultura offers a searchable database of over 4000 entries on Piedmont
A list of Piedmont's natural parks and reserves (with links). In Italian.
A website on farm holidays in Piedmont
Turin: Turismo Torino is the tourism section in the City of Torino's official website
The site of Itinera Web has plenty of information on tourism, culture and art in Puglia
Tourist information is also available in the Apulia Tourist Guide helps you explore Puglia's traditions, resources and tourist attractions
Welcome to Apulia: virtual tour, tourist guide and links to hotels in Puglia
Bari: The tourist pages in the official website of the City of Bari
About is a search engine and a portal on Sardinia (in Italian)
Another portal on Sardinia is Il Portale Sardo (in Italian)
Sardegna Net has information about tourist activities, resorts and sailing tours in and around the island
A guide to bed and breakfast in Sardinia
The website of the Sardinian Association of Tourist Industries
A comprehensive list of links on Sardinia is available at Sardinia on the web (partly in English)
The pages for tourists on the Regione Sicilia's official website
Sicily in detail offers plenty of information about tourism on the island, its cities, history and more
The tourist information pages within the Sikelia website
A good and exhaustive tourist guide online is Best of Sicily
Information on Sicily's capital are available at the Sicily for tourists site
A portal on Palermo is Palermo Web (in Italian)
Taormina: Gate 2 Taormina is an exhaustive and well-arranged site on the famous tourist area of Taormina


Trentino-Alto Adige is the official website on tourism in Alto Adige/South Tyrol
The home page of the Agency for the Promotion of Tourism in Trentino
All you need to know on skiing in Alto Adige is available at (in Italian)
A website on the Dolomites (in Italian)
Dolomiti Superski offers all the information you need on this wonderful system allowing users to ski in 12 different regions of the Dolomites with the same skipass
Tourism in Tuscany is the official touristic site of the Regione Toscana. Pages include artistic heritage, accommodation, history, weather etc.
Toscanaturismo features tourist information and especially info on farm holidays in the region.
Plenty of links about Tuscany can be found in the site of La Toscana sul web (in Italian)
Toscana News Magazine: culture and tourism in Tuscany (in Italian)
Tuscanyland has information on Tuscany and a clickable map
Riviera Toscana offers lots of information on the Tuscan Riviera
a good site to view thousands of images of Arezzo and its region, and learn about its history (in Italian only)
The pages for tourists in the City of Florence's website
Florence online
Grand Tour is a site on Siena and its region
The home page of the City of Siena (in Italian)
Pisa: Discover Pisa is the tourist information section from the City of Pisa's website
San Gimignano:the home page of the City of San Gimignano (in Italian)
Elba Island: Elbalink gives you information on all you need to know to spend a holiday in the Tuscan archipelago
Welcome to Umbria is the tourist section of Umbria's official website
A comprehensive site on Umbria, its cities and more is Benvenuti in Umbria
Umbria Tourism is an online tourist guide to the region, with plenty of information on different aspects
Perugia: Perugia Online is a comprehensive site on tourism in Perugia
Assisi: a useful tourist resource for tourism in Assisi
Bella Umbria Italy provides detailed illustrated descriptions town by town, with notes on its sights, events, itineraries and last minute. Listings for hotels, country houses, restaurants, theaters and museums. Any Umbria typical product you are looking for, you will find it here: food, art reproductions, antiques, ceramics and books about the region.
Valle d'Aosta
The tourist section from the official website of the Regione Valle d'Aosta (in Italian and French)
Valle d'Aosta online is a guide to cultural events in the north-western Italian region (in Italian)
A description of every valley in the region is available at Valle d'Aosta (in Italian)
Cervinia: Breuil - Cervinia features information on skiing (and more) in Valtournenche
The tourist section in the official website of Regione Veneto
The Regional Information System for Tourism has information on museums, hotels and cultural events in Veneto (in Italian) features info on history, geography, economy and culture of Veneto
the official site of the Tourist Board of Venice
Venetia is a resourceful website for tourists
Venice for visitors allows you to access over 200 pages of illustrated articles and annotated web links
Tourist information on Venice is available at the Doge of Venice's site
A site dedicated to the works underway to protect Venice and the lagoon is SAL.VE
An interesting site is Jewish Venice. Also, the official site of the Jewish Community of Venice is worth visiting (the site is the result of a collaboration between the Jewish Community of Venice and of Vancouver).


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