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France has become known for film making. And now video production is often also based in France. Here are links to videos which feature France.

First visit the Video Museum of France. That's right. A museum. Click HERE.

Here is some of the text. It is in French. There is a button for English which does not seem to be working., You may be luck to find it operational when you visit. The link for English is on this same page.

Videomuseum est un réseau de musées et d'organismes gérant des collections d'art moderne et contemporain (musées nationaux, régionaux, départementaux ou municipaux, Fnac, Frac, fondations) qui se sont regroupés pour développer des méthodes et des outils utilisant les nouvelles technologies de traitement de l'information afin de recenser et de mieux diffuser leur patrimoine muséographique.

This is a web site from

A Tour De France web video with the proper plug-ins.

Travel Videos to order online from

France Video Travel, DVD
Paris, Loire Valley, French Riviera, Railroad

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Hidden Treasures of Europe: France - Travel Video.  A&E Entertainment.  3-Volume Set.
Sometimes the most magical adventures are at the end of the road less travelled! Hidden Treasures of Europe offers you guided tours through fascinating destinations “far from the madding crowds.”
   From centuries-old villages, through dazzling mountain scenery overlooking crystalline lakes and flower- filled meadows, past age-old vineyards to venerable churches and seaside farmlands where grain grows down to the shore. 3 Videos.  135 Minutes


set of 3


Rick Steves' Best of Travels In Europe: France - Travel DVD or Video.
Paris and Day Trips - Stroll among the Left Bank's cafes and bookstores and take in the nightlife of Montmartre.  Admire the splendor of Saint-Chapelle, and the magnificent art collections at the Rodin Museum and Musée D'Orsay.  The, relive the glory of imperial France at the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Muesée Militaire.
Provence & the Loire Valley - Get swept away (but not too much) by the Renaissance grandeur of the Chambord and Chenonceau castles in the Loire Valley.  See the Roman ruins at Arles and the wonderfully preserved Palace of the Popes at Avignon.
Normandy & Brittany - Travel from the landing beaches used by the Allies during the D-Day invasion to Rouen, where Joan of Arc faced the trial for her life.  See the famed Bayeux Tapestry; amble through pastoral landscapes,; then stop to sample such regional favorites as crepes, apply brandy and Camembert cheese.  In Brittany, visit Fougeres Castle, a symbol of the Celtic struggle against France.
Rick's Rear Entrance Travel Tips - Share some of Rick's savviest advice for travellers -- from day-planning and changing currency, to using public transportation and getting around language barriers.  Rick's suggestions cover basic security, packing light, and the pros and cons of travelling independently (carry your own comfort station) or with a tour group.  His recommendations will help any traveller plan their trips wisely, while preparing them to take the unexpected in stride.
 3½ hours DVD, or 80 minutes VHS.



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MORE offers movies and DVD's online. Here is a bit from their web page. Click HERE for the entire page.

Introduction welcomes you to our online Video Store! We are very pleased to offer the world's largest inventory of DVD and VHS movies for sale, as part of our association with This alliance, now entering its fifth year, is based on their rigorous standards of quality, dependability, and a reputation for unmatched customer service.




Gérard Depardieu



Within these pages you will find thousands of titles by French directors, cinematic masterpieces featuring the performances of France's greatest talents — from long-established screen legends to the up-and-coming new stars of the silver screen. Famous names such as Cocteau, Deneuve, Belmondo, Depardieu, Huppert, and hundreds more are only a click away in this extensive catalogue.

In addition to featuring cinema produced and directed in France, we are pleased to present you with a selection of fine English-language movies whose themes, filming locations, or actors provide a wonderful taste of France. For those who are contemplating a trip to France, we also offer visual tours of this country's many charms — with travelogues covering Paris sightseeing attractions, the colorful and varied cultures of the French provinces, narrated visits to famous castles of the Loire valley, and delightful barge cruises through the heart and soul of France.




Language and Sub-titles

Most of the movies produced in France are provided with a French soundtrack. The VHS editions are usually subtitled in English (unless otherwise noted), while the DVD editions frequently offer both subtitles and several different language tracks. Every product listing will specify the special features and language options, as well as compatible viewing platforms (such as NTSC, PAL, or SECAM for VHS) and regions (for DVDs). (See country guide for VHS compatibility list.)




Virginie Ledoyen




English-language movies, such as travelogues and feature films produced in the U.S. and U.K., will not usually offer subtitles in any language, though the DVD editions may offer various language tracks. Refer to each product listing for details.

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Using the dual menus above, choose a category from the left menu — Directors, Actors, Actresses, or Miscellaneous Films. Then, from the right menu, scroll down to select the named director, performer, or topic of your choice. In the event you cannot find a preferred subject in our menus, we offer you a choice of both English and French search engines to locate any item from the convenience of your desktop.

Most in-stock DVDs are offered at a discount of 15% or more off the list price; many VHS tapes are offered at close-out prices (or reduced list), as the DVD format gradually replaces VHS in consumer popularity. Note that many titles will also qualify for FREE Super-Saver Shipping, subject to certain order minimums. Some products are available by special order, and will even query its network of used video merchants to locate a hard-to-find title for you!

Thanks to state-of-the-art encryption technology, you have our assurance that online credit card orders are totally secure (see our Safe Shopping Guarantee). All orders will be fulfilled directly by, and your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!




Manon des Sources
Daniel Auteuil,
Emmanuelle Béart,
Yves Montand



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Many more links for French France Video from Google.

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