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US Census Data Online

Up to 1930, US Census data can be accessed online. SOURCE

Note: Your library may have paid for this service so you can access this data from your own computer. Here it is Hertitage Quest which is offered through the library. You may find ancestryplus.com

Census Bureau Home Page
2. Statistical Abstract of the US
3. Census Online - 44148 Links to Online Census Records
4. Genealogy & Family History Databases. Genealogy Tree Software ...
5. Tiger Map Server Browser
6. GNS, USA TODAY, Online prepare for new Census data rollout (April ...
7. USA Trade Online * Home
8. Statistics and Demographics - UT Library Online
9. AllCensusRecords.com
10. Links to Statistics Resources - Economy and Trade: InfoUSA

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A special tip: AncestryPlus.com is not as good as ancestry.com

The folks at the Church of Laterday Saints Family History Library usually have the http://www.ancestry.com service available to visitors. 

Here is more about LDS. SOURCE

LDS Family History Centers

Note: This page is not an official or unofficial production of the LDS church and the Family History Library, and they are not responsible for any errors. The official LDS church web site is at http://www.lds.org/ and the LDS family history resources are at FamilySearch.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS church) runs the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. The FHL has one of the most impressive collections of genealogical material in the world. Many of the resources of the Family History Library are available through Family History Centers located throughout the world. These Family History Centers, which often have additional local resources, are usually found in or near LDS churches.

In order to provide a listing of FHC's, the Genealogy Home Page is sponsoring a volunteer created listing of these centers. Readers are invited to submit the addresses of FHC's to the Family History Center address submission form.

FHC locations that have been submitted by readers are available on the Genealogy Home Page FHC Listing page.

Other web sites with FHC listings include:
The LDS church's FamilySearch service has a searchable listing of Family History Centers.
Everton has a page that will search for a Family History Center
The Roots-L Library has section on Family History Centers that includes listings of FHC's in Canada and the US.
Family History Centers in German-speaking countries




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http://www.ancestry.com is a great source for information about genealogy. They even have online search of census results. You get to see the picture of the actual census form on your computer screen. Click HERE to go to their site. This is what you will find when you go there. It is really useful.

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