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In the olden days, microfilm was the only way to access information about the census. Not any more. Now you can use the online services of http://www.ancestry.com to locate data from the census from your own home. You either pay a subscription fee, or use the service through your library.

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National Archives and Records Administration


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The 1930 Census

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the 1930 census. Learn how the census was taken, which records survive today, and how to find microfilm that may contain your family's records.

Our microfilm locator

is not a family- or individual-name index or a digital version of the original records.

contains the microfilm lists for the 1930 population schedules and the Soundex indexes, searchable by over 120,000 geographic locations.

allows you to know before visiting NARA exactly which roll(s) of microfilm you need to view, rent, or buy to start your research.

is a good place to begin your census research. Only by viewing the actual microfilm rolls will you be able to complete your research.

The census is available for viewing on microfilm at the National Archives Building  

in Washington, DC, and at our 13 regional archives. The census is not available at the Presidential Libraries


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