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My passion when living in Germany was wall clocks. I now have just one from those days. It's in the livingroom. Over the years, when I could find more, I bought them, cleaned them, and then sold them. If I could come back in another age, I think I'd prefer the late 1800's to early 1900's where I would like to work in a clock factory. A German clock factory making wooden wall clocks.

Let me share pictures of these beautiful pieces with you. I can't own them but I can collect pictures of them.



















US Embassy REPORT from Germany about collectibles:

German Ebay is auction house portal to divided past

Computer users are logging on to Ebay for East German memorabilia.

Germany's retro trend continues. With growing demand for collectible goods from the former German Democratic Republic, Germany's Ebay site is witnessing a marked increase in sales of East German memorabilia.

Initially born as an online auction house for electronic goods in the United States, Ebay grew rapidly to specialize on other goods such as antiques and collectible items, which are some of the favorite search items on the German site. The spectrum of products remains immense, with around one million items offered on the German site each day.

While stamps and coins are always huge draws for collectors in Germany, recently, nostalgic products from former East Germany have become increasingly popular and readily available at affordable prices, making their acquisition rather simple across the country.

The "DDR" (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) and Ostalgie (Nostalgia for the East) now have their own collectibles category with around 9,000 items being offered for sale, from dolls made exclusively in East Germany to long-missed but not long-forgotten household goods.

Depending on the day, the most popular items fluctuate between stamps and accessories for goods unavailable on today's consumer market to books that espouse lightly-camouflaged communist ideologies. Other items include movie posters, stickers, music, street signs, jewelry, and military pins.

Perhaps in response to the retro trend's sentimental focus on young life in former East Germany, a large number of items being offered on the German site are youth pamphlets and literature from the communist regime.

But even if the company boasts daily growing user numbers, some wonder if the site is gradually losing its auction house character and its spendthrift feel. Fans of the East Germany trend cannot always expect a deal on the German site these days about a quarter of all products changing hands are sold at set prices.

Hummels are a great German collectible. Click for  MORE about them

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