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As Europe's largest economy and most populous nation, Germany remains a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defense organizations.
European power struggles immersed the country in two devastating World Wars in the first half of the 20th century and left the country occupied by the victorious Allied powers of the US, UK, France, and the Soviet Union in 1945.
With the advent of the Cold War, two German states were formed in 1949: the western Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the eastern German Democratic Republic (GDR).
The democratic FRG embedded itself in key Western economic and security organizations, the EC and NATO, while the communist GDR was on the front line of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact. The decline of the USSR and the end of the Cold War allowed for German unification in 1990.
Since then Germany has expended considerable funds to bring eastern productivity and wages up to western standards. In January 2002, Germany and 11 other EU countries introduced a common European currency, the euro.

Official Name:
Bundesrepublik Deutschland
local short form: Deutschland
international: Federal Republic of Germany
conventional short form: Germany
former: German Empire, German Republic, German Reich.

ISO Country Code: de
Actual Time : Mon-Apr-19  20:46
Local Time : CET = UTC+1h

Capital City: Berlin
Welcome to Berlin Online
Former (transitional) Capital City: Bonn
Bundesstadt Bonn

Type Federal Republic
Founded: 1949 (Basic Law, i.e., Constitution, promulgated on May 23, 1949).
On October 3, 1990, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic unified in accordance with Article 23 of the FRG Basic Law.

Area: 357,000 sq. km. (137,821 sq. mi.)
Terrain: Low plain in the north; high plains, hills, and basins in the center and east; mountainous alpine region in the south.

Climate: Generally moderate continental climate without sustained periods of cold or heat, maritime climate in the North, in the South mountain climate in the Alpine regions

Other Cities: Official Ciy Sites (city population)
Bremen (543,000)
Dortmund (592,000)
Düsseldorf (568,000)
Essen (603,000)
Frankfurt (644,000)
Images of the Old City of Frankfurt am Main, once Europe's largest preserved medieval city
Hamburg (1.7 million)
Hannover (516,000)
Köln (964,000)
The Official Web Site of the City of Cologne
München (1.2 million)
The Official Web Site of the City of Munich
Stuttgart (582,000)

Nationality: Noun and adjective--German(s)
Population (2003 est.): 83 million
Ethnic groups: Primarily German; Danish minority in the north, Sorbian (Slavic) minority in the east; 7.3 million foreign residents.
Religions: Protestants (27.9 million), Catholics (27.3 million); approximately 3.2 million Muslims.
Language: German.

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Live Web CamerasGermany
Hamburg----Harbor Cam....another great shot from the people at Stern
Berlin building sites...interactive.....a look on Europe's largest building site at this moment: the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. There is also other views here. Check it out. Click on "City Panorama" for the live shots, then the pictures.
Leipzig from Leipzig, Boomtown of East Germany. This site tip recieved from B. Lockemann. Thanks B.
Hotel Live Cam....A live view of the Baltic Sea from the Cliff Hotel on Ruegen Island. Thanks to Matthias Scheibe.
WildWeb Cam.....pointing towards the citypark of Kaiserslautern. Updated every 30 minutes during daylight hours.
Die Vegecam.....from Bremen - Vegesack. View of the river Weser and the river Lesum, updated from 10am to 10pm hourly. Not sure on the translation. Tip from Joern Raffel.
Bad Godesberg Cam......the view is from "Bad Godesberg", a medium size town located about 10 km south of Bonn, the former capital city of Germany. Info on view at site.
Bocholt Cam......The town is called "Bocholt". It is beetween Oberhausen and the Netherlands boarder. The Cam is located in front of the historical townhall (Marketplace). Tip from Frank Burdack.
BerlinOnline......view from the Alexanderplatz, Berlin thanks to BerlinOnline.
Düsseldorf Cam....located on the top of a tv tower in a restaurant, 172,5 meter high, which is turning around so you get a great panorama view of this wonderful city, which is by the way capital of Nordrhein Westfalen.
Tuebingen Web-Cam of the marketplace in Tuebingen. Tuebingen is an old University town of the southern part of Germany.
Wuppertal Webcam......a live stream from downtown Wuppertal-Elberfeld (Wuppertal has two downtowns, Elberfeld and Barmen). It is a view from the University, which is situated south of downtown on a hill..
MuniCams ....Internet-Users are able to view all over Munich by three brand new cams. This is an interactive site. Go there for more information. Tip from Katja Schleicher.
Hundertwasser as the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser converts an ex-DDR grammar school convert to an work of art. Tip from Ralf Berger.
Stuttgart Panorama Cam......The camera is located on the top of the Tesion-building (a technological company) and gives a 250 degree view over downtown Stuttgart. The picture is updated every hour at about five minutes past the top of the hour. More stuff here. Look around.
Bremen Webcams......three different views of Bremen (1.the Railway Station, 2. a place at the River Weser called 'Schlachte' and 3. in the citycenter near the Bremer Dom )
Herrenberg Webcam....Click on webcam logo. View from Herrenberg. A community of 35,000 people southern Germany, near Tuebingen and Stuttgart. Tip from Wolfgang Gampfer.
Hamburg Harbour Shipcam....view from an old ship in the harbour, which is used as a party location and it has a webcam on top. You´ll see the harbour and a small part of the quarter around which is a great view. Update every 60 seconds.
Rothenburger Cam....Live view overlooking the Rothenburger market-place in Rothenburger. Updates every 2 minutes.
Central Cafe Webcam....A nice view to the main place ( Maiplatz ) in Plettenberg in the Sauerland / Germany. Tip from Heinz Ochtendung.
Bamberg Cam....Bamberg is a very old and unique small town in Upper Franconia which is part of Bavaria. It is also host for a US Army Batallion. The live cam is situated in the traditional market place in front of the town hall. Tip from Axel Schwenker
Duisburg Webcam....Not much info on this site. Only that it's from Duisburg and that it looks nice.

Links to German Newspapers Online

German News
Recent news from Germany.
Overview of recent news from Germany
by the German Information Center.

Deutsche Welle (DW) [German Wave]
News and information in 35 languages.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - FAZ
Last but not least the FAZ online! (in German).
Frankfurter Rundschau
National and international news.
Website of the weekly news magazine (in German - partly in English).
Daily business and financial publication (English summaries).
Retrieves articles of Germany's latest dailies (in German).
Since more than 50ty years sophisticated News. (German, partly English)
Weekly Magazine (German).
German TV News. (German).
Die Zeit
Weekly News and background information (in German).

to German Newspapers online
More links to German newspapers online.


Links for German Literature

German Literature  
Bertolt Brecht
The International Brecht Society Homepage, dedicated to the works and thought of Brecht.
The , promoting the German language and culture.
The Grimm Brothers
Well known for their Children's and Household Tales (Grimms' Fairy Tales, compiled by D. L. Ashliman)
Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers
Web edition of tales from the Grimm Brothers' Kinder- und Hausmärchen (in German and English)
Hermann Hesse
The Steppenwolf's page (in English and German).
Thomas Mann (Buddenbrookhaus)
Maybe you will miss Felix Krull at Buddenbrookhaus somehow; (in German).
Karl May
The storyteller's homepage by the Karl May Gesellschaft.
Perry Rhodan
The world's greatest space adventure series, in print since 1961.

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