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HERE'S a great Yahoo Directory of Entertainment in Germany

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Entertainment Links

German News - The daily/weekly GERMAN NEWS via e-mail. It is also available in German.
The Week in Germany in English; also available in print & via email.
Deutsche Welle English and many other languages (also with RealAudio sound).
Der Spiegel Online (only some online articles in English).
International Herald Tribune American, European & global news.
ITN Online Top British broadcast online news service with breaking news stories. Multimedia coverage Includes streaming video of major news events.
ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp) News Australia's leading source of authoritative, independent Information on news and current affairs.
BBC News World and UK news with a world summary in RealAudio.
MSN News News updates and features from Microsoft Network News (UK).

German Newspapers Newspapers and online media.
Cool German Youth Magazine

Cable & Satellite Television & Radio
Astra satellite system Coverage of Europe
Eutelsat satellite system Coverage of Europe
CNN International via Satellite or Cable
CNBC Europe via Satellite or Cable
Sky Channel via Satellite
BBC World Service via Satellite
Radio Australia (ABC) Australia's international radio. Broadcast world wide via Internet RealAudio sound, Satellite & Cable.
Deutsche Welle German current affairs, news & documentaries. Lots of English content. TV & Radio programs alternate between the English & German languages. via Satellite & Cable
ITN UK via Satellite
TNT UK via via Satellite
Cartoon Network UK via Satellite
EuroTV via Satellite
Armed Forces Radio & TV Service for Germany (AFRTS was AFN)
US Army Broadcasting Service (ABS)
Brookes Air Force Base (AFB)
Bayrischer RundFunk
Deutschland Radio
German Music
Arts On The Air
Music - Austria

Cinemas in Germany Includes film & time schedules. Links to reviews.
Corso cinema (Movies in English. Stuttgart-Vaihingen). Current schedule, Corso email. To request a weekly schedule via mailing list, send a mail to <Majordomo@LF.net> with the following text in the body of your email message: 'subscribe corso-announce'

Opera Net By American Karla Braccia living in Bonn. It includes reviews in English of performances in the Bonn-Köln-Düsseldorf area.

Karneval / Fasching / Fastnacht, Rosemontag
Karneval Deutschland Good Karneval site.
Mainz astnacht Mainz Fastnacht page.
Fastnacht Vereine Carnival Associations.
Cologne Karneval Karneval (Mardi Gras) in Cologne.

Tours & Sightseeing Groups
Mr. Bee's Brewery & Pub Tours
Munich Museums and Galleries

Web Cameras Live Online

Radio Live Online

Games Online

Television Online

Amusement Parks

Music Juke Box

Events Calendar

Armed Forces Network


National Parks

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Sheet Music

Lyrics To Music

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