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Stamp collecting in the United States is a popular hobby. There are many auction houses, approval dealers, publications, club meetings and shows. The internet has allowed all collectors to improve their collection without leaving home. Searching for that illusive item is somewhat easier now due to eBay and other internet locations.

 The hobby is divided into numerous specialties. Here are a few:
..#1's meaning the first stamp ever issued by a country singles meaning a single stamp never used
..used singles meaning stamps which have been used then removed from the envelope blocks meaning a group of stamps that have never been used
..used blocks obvious
..plate blocks meaning the four, six, or more stamps from the corner of a sheet of stamps     with the plate number
..sheets of mint stamps
..topicals meaning a collector who seeks stamps which picture a specific object like         airplanes. Other topical categories as you might guess include everything. 

Here is a link to the American Topical Society:

Here are topical offerings from a dealer:










10) PHONE CARD (4)




Still other collectors focus on a specific country or countries.

I  collect Germany, France, United States, Italy, Austria, Sweden, and Great Britain. That is how I selected the countries to include at this web site for European travel. I have visited all these countries many times as a tourist and really like them all. Sure I have favorites. Germany is my favorite country to visit.

There are many further specialties of stamp collecting:



errors freaks and oddities




matched plates


dead countries

You name it. Someone probably collects stamps with that specialty.

Many different methods can be used to present stamps for viewing and storage. The most common method of saving stamps is an album. A stockbook is also a handy way to show stamps. Organization is often

To me stamp collecting has provided great fun. Trying to properly identify a stamp often takes a lot of effort. There are many stamps which look the same but have varieties in size, color, paper type, perforations, secret marks, and watermarks to name a few.

As a stamp collector I have increased my knowledge of foreign languages, geography, spelling and history.

There are many regular publications to help a collector enjoy the hobby. Here is a short list with links to their internet presence. Here are other links to stamp related web pages that are all interesting. MORE.

Global Stamp News - from Greg Manning Auctions

Filahome Philatelic Magazine ('net) aka: 'New Stamps', .nl

Mekeel's Stamp News

Mekeel's - March 24, 199? Issue U.S. Stamp News

Mekeel's U.S. Reference Manual

Mekeel's Subscription: 'U.S. Stamp News' OR 'Mekeel's and Stamps'

Canadian Stamp News (alt), .ca-ON

Published by Trajan Publishing Corp. ; test csn link

Cronaca Filatelica - A Monthly Magazine of Philately

Incl. Postal History, Postal Stationery, Cancellations (in English; from Italy)  

Inter Stamp News, Denmark

Stamp Collector - Krause Publications

( and others on 'Collectables" of many kinds.)

Stamp Collector (magazine offer) - at Krause ; ck

Linn's Stamp News - Online ; a limited internet edition

Full edition available in print only.

Published by: Amos Press, Inc., .us-OH 45365

Scott Stamp Monthly

Published by: Amos Press, Inc., .us-OH 45365

Stamp Today - O. Neufeld, .US

Daly News From the Philatelic, Stamp and Postal World  

StampsAU - Down-Under News from Ken Sparks

StampsAU ; no frames ver. - (au = Australia)  

StampsNet - "Philately's Internet Magazine For Stamp Collectors"

Published by USID, Inc.  

The Stanley Gibbons group:

Stanley Gibbons Publications, .uk-HA :

Gibbons' Stamp Montly

International Stamp News (every 2 months)

Also sells albums, stamps & supplies and conducts auctions

Stanley Gibbons Ltd - Stamps News Online, .uk-LO

From "The world's oldest stamp dealer".

And Online: Gibbons' Stamp Cafe - News page

'All the News from the world of stamps.'
Stamp Cafe also 'provides Postal Administrations and Organisers with a unique opportunity to communicate with collectors'. Provides 'New Issues' Service.

Vaccari Magazine - Specialized in philately and postal history.


Collectors Universe e-Zines - 'The Ultimate Collectors Destination'

'Providing up-to-date news and market conditions for your favorite collectibles items'

Stamp Collecting Newsletter - from : Explore the World of Stamp Collecting

stamp collection newsletter; India
Philatelic Periodicals of the World

By Chester M. Smith, Jr. and Gini Horn

American Philatelic Research Library (APRL)

And from the Introduction

APS Data Page: American Philatelic Research Library (APRL)  

Friends of The Western Philatelic Library

Post Office Box 2219

Sunnyvale, CA 94087-2219

Telephone, Raynor Facility: (408) 733-0336

Western Philatelic Library Tearsheets - for sale

(a listing hosted by Leonard H. Hartmann)

Tearsheets: ... pages on a single subject area extracted from journals, newspapers, pamphlets, etc., going back many years. ...The compiling of these sheets is done by volunteers and the cost charged is set to cover copying costs only.

" Philatelic Museums & Libraries - Graeme Sherman (Directory) .UK #1

Stamp Collecting Publications Page - Scott Kitchen, .US

Stamp Magazines and Newspapers -, .US

Principal Stamp Publications of the World - AskPhil, .US

Philatelic Libraries of the World - AskPhil, .US

Stamp Libraries & Museums - Stamp2, .sg

Philatelic Periodicals of the United States and Canada

Stamps, Coins, Postcards and Related Materials

A Directory of Periodicals [1991 ed.]

The Stampguyz list of Philetalic periodicals ; '404'


German stamps are an interest of mine. I've collected stamps since 1954. My collection has no cash value. But to me it has been a way to improve my knowledge of foreign languages, geography, and business practices. In this gallery of German stamps there are no identification numbers, no values given. The intent of this gallery is to show the look of German stamps through the years. Many in my collection are over 100 years old. Unfortunately none have turned out to be valuable.

Here are a small group of covers from 1859 to 1865. Check them out.


Next are issues from several German states before the confederation of all the independent states in to the Federal Republic.

The best source for DETAILS about German stamps is the Michel catalog.

Many people collect German stamps. HERE is a link to the Germany collectors clubs in the USA.  More

Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society, Buckinghamshire U.K.

German Philatelic Society, Maryland U.S.A.

Germany Philatelic Society - Chapter 5, Illinois U.S.A. E-mail: Austin Dulin

Germany Philatelic Society - Chapter 16 , Herman L. Halle, Maryland U.S.A. E-mail: Christopher Deterding

Germany Philatelic Society - Chapter 23, Florida U.S.A. E-mail: George Kuhn

Germany Philatelic Society - Dallas Chapter, Texas U.S.A.


Another interest of mine is to collect stamps on postcards with older German stamps. Here are a few so you can get the idea of my collection.


The German post office has a wonderful web site where you can see all the current issues as well as buy their stamps from them online. Check it out HERE.

Currency Converter

Follow these links for information which may be of interest to you:

Stampless Covers

Stamp Museum 

Collections Online Here is a sample. Neat, eh? One of the top 100 stamp sites on the internet.

Bill Seymour Greenland Collection Frame 1

Up ] [ Bill Seymour Greenland Collection Frame 1 ] Bill Seymour Greenland Collection Frame 2 ]

In most cases, this collection may also be considered a want list.  If you have stamps to offer that can fill holes, or can replace defective or misidentified items, feel free to email me.  Suggestions as to the design and implementation of this web site are also encouraged.

Thule 1935-1936

Thule 1979 Reprints

Thule 1979 Maximum Card

1938 Issues

1905-1916 Parcel Post

1930-1937 Parcel Post

1983 1,5,10-Ýre Parcel Post proof reprints

1983 1,5,10-Ýre Parcel Post proof reprints

1983 1,5,10-Ýre Parcel Post proof reprints

1983 5-Ýre Parcel Post reprints

1983 10-Ýre Parcel Post reprints

1983 1-Ýre Parcel Post Reprint


Postage stamps from my Germany stamp collection and stamps from Germany which I have for sale are included on this web page.

Since 1954 I have collected stamps. It just struck me as I wrote that that I have been collecting for fifty years. Well, not continuously. As a child I was very active as a collector sending away by mail for mixtures and approvals. I still have my beginner album. It is filled with memories, Some stamp collectors have valuable collections. Not me. My stamps have memories that are priceless, through. I have fun collecting. Now that I am retired, I seem to have more time to "play" with my stamps. I feature it like detective work. Trying to determine the identification for a specific stamp sometimes takes a while.

Over the years I have quite a large collection from these countries:

Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, United States, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. I have many stamps printed by the American Bank Note Company.

Also over the years I have accumulated quite a few duplicates. For the past twenty years I have belonged to a local stamp club. Now it is time through this web site to show off some of the stamps I have collected and to sell off duplicates I have accumulated. So this web page has two aspects. First I have included pictures of a few stamps from my collection. Follow the links whi9ch are given to see more. I will add pages as time allows.

Here are some stamps from my collection:



Next I have included pictures of stamps which I would like to sell. Please follow the links I give to see more of my items for sale. Let me tell you about the stamp mixture offer first then I will go on to list individual items for sale.


Stamp Mixture

An excellent way to get the best value for a beginner collector is to buy a mixture where all stamps are different. This minimizes duplicates which seem to accumulate regardless of what a collector does.

This web site has several offers of stamps for sale. The best buy is 200 different colorful genuine stamps from Germany for $14 postpaid. All are ready to be placed in a notebook, stock book, or album. That's about 6 cents each, postpaid.

These stamps can form an interesting addition to a school report, make wonderful additions to scrapbooks by croppers, can be framed, and can be included in a genealogical report to demonstrate visions of the home country at very little cost. Since the cost is very small, these stamps can be glued on any sort of poster or bulletin to add interest. I also offer topical stamps which are quite colorful. Click HERE top go to the topicals list where you will find stamps of birds, flowers, cars, boats, trains, planes, flowers, and, well you get the idea. These sorts of stamps can really add interest to reports, posters and school projects. They are also great for show-and-tell. I save stamps from Italy and Sweden mostly because those are the countries of my ancestors. I like having a little piece of something from those countries. You may feel the same.

Here is a picture which represents the sort of stamps you will get when you order 200 different mixture for $10 postpaid. . Since the sale price is so low, I can not scan every mixture and put it on the web site for you to see before you buy. But I can offer a full refund if you are not pleased with what you get. And the mixture you will receive will closely follow what you see in the sample picture. I have high positive feedback at eBay so you can believe I will refund if you do not like what you get. The stamps will not be mounted on a stock sheet as pictured. But rather they will be in an envelope. I will include some stamp hinges for mounting. I will also include an information sheet telling you how to mount the stamps.

Here is a sample of what you will get:


Click HERE to see my eBay feedback.

Click this buy now button to pay with a credit card. $14 postpaid for 200 different genuine stamps from Germany.

A PayPal payment can be made directly to

Be sure to specify the country stamp mixture you want and include your address where you want the item mailed.

Or send your check or money order to:

David U. Larson

1342 SW Patricia Avenue

Port St. Lucie, Florida 34953-4903

Click HERE to see other stamp mixtures for sale.

HERE is a great page of details for collectors. This is a sample:

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Click HERE to continue.

Follow the topics in this link rack to quickly go to your interests.

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