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Ullian - Ulian

Father Antonio Ulian
Mother Mary Mascrella


My grandfather came to the United States in 1908. He was born in Salcedo, Italy. Possibly a recruiter from the coal mines in Centerville, Iowa, met him in Italy. They could have given him a ticket to go to the United States to work in their mine. He arrived in the United States through Ellis Island.

HERE is the immigration record for John Ullian. He is listed as Uhan in the immigration records. This is an obvious mis transcription. See the record.

He went directly to Centerville, Iowa where he lived and worked with his brother in the coal mines. 

John Ullian was drafter for the First World War and was sent to Rockford, Illinois to Camp Grant for basic training. MORE about Camp Grant.

While in the military, John Ullian served in Europe.

Upon return, he settled in Rockford.

In 1920 he was married to Linda Anna Ferraro. She arrived in November 1920 . They were married in December 1920. Obviously they knew each other from Italy.





Romano Valentino Ullian (Brother of John Ullian)

My great Uncle came to the United States in 1906. 

 HERE for his immigration record.

HERE for his wife Teresa Soardi Ulian immigration record. 
HERE for his son Antronio Ulian immigration record.



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