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Welcome to Italian Genealogy Online and all things Italian

Go to our free Italian Surname & Genealogy Message Board - Post & Search for your Italian Surnames. Search for other Italian Family Members around the world while you learn to research your own Italy Roots and Italian Family Tree. This Italian Genealogy Site is an Italian Family Homepage where Italian-Americans and people of Italian Descent anyplace in the World can easily and freely Learn How to Do Italian Genealogy Research while they post & search for their Italian Surname, Italian Family Tree, Roots, Ancestry, Italian Heritage, Immigrant Family Ties and emigrant surnames back home in Italy without having to join any group or pay a membership feeThis free site is an Online repository of all things related to one's Italian Surname, Italian Genealogy, general genealogy Italy research, (click here for a definition of genealogy) Italian Lifestyle, culture and a free homepage for Italian Links galore. 

Search our hand-picked list of Italian Ancestry Family Tree WebPages Online dedicated to personal stories of Italian Family History Search, Italian Surnames, Italian Family Trees and Our Immigrant Ancestors from Italy. You will find Italian surname message boards, links to sites established by Italian Family members and the Best Genealogy Tools & Resources, including Italian Form Letters to help those of you trying to find your Italian Roots, Family Trees, Italian Archives, Italian Genealogy, Italian Ancestry and Italian Surnames.   Use our Italian to English computer translations page to help you with Italian Web page translation.  It also contains links to standard genealogical terms & medical terms found on Family Tree Records plus more.

Ship Searches for Immigrant Ship Passenger Arrival Records, including Ellis Island Search links, are now located on a separate passenger ships archives page.

Special Thanks goes to Steve Saviello Founder & Owner of the Comunes of Italy Mailing List for providing us with excellent Tips for Italian Records, Archives & Italian Family Tree Search which will give you insights on what is available and what records to request from Italy. Also, ITALY FAQ's by Steve Saviello is for you if you want to know - What is a Comune?, what is a Provincia?, what is a Regione? also includes information on the structure of Italian Government & its Administrative Divisions with an easy to understand description of the Comunita' Montana of ITALY.

Good, practical advice in David E. Zerga's Italian Form Letters to send to Italy for Genealogy Research. He presents very helpful tips along with various Italian Genealogy Form Letters, on how to write a letter to Italy to request your Italian Family Tree Records and search for your emigrant ancestor archives, Italian surnames & Family History from Italy, including excellent notes on "Parish Diplomacy". This is along with other Italian Family Tree Research Help & example Letters in Italian Genealogy Tools & Resources.

In the Slice of Italy section you'll find information on things to do while in Italy, Italian Maps, Italian Embassy Listings, Italian History by Steve Saviello, Italian Lifestyle, Culture and links to Italian food, cities, hotels, travel destinations, pictures of Italy and just about anything to do with the culture and lifestyle of Italy. Don't miss our page on the Mediterranean diet. It includes some healthy Italian recipes, & pictures. We've included links to real Italian Food...using Olive Oil, herbs, fresh vegetables, etc., nothing artificial. NO JUNK FOOD.

Read All about Italian Names - including names for babies, Italian Naming Traditions and the history of Italian Names & Surnames.  This is a great page of free online links to help you find an Italian Name for your new baby and read about your Italian Ancestor's name. 

Roman History will allow you to explore Ancient Roman Life, history, clothing, coins, art, architecture, lifestyle and politics. You will also find a great set of links to Italian art where you can explore lots of virtual museums and see pictures of the great art masterpieces of Italy.

Read about our free Searchable Italian Surname Forum where you can leave messages to search for Italian family members by their surnames. You can also go to our list of Surname Boards to post or search some of the best surname message boards on the Internet.

I cannot answer genealogical queries, and regret that I am unable to provide any personal research assistance. Post genealogical queries on all relevant Italian surname and genealogy topics on our FREE Italian Genealogy message board.
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Paula Marie Nigro

Researching Nigro, Caggiano, Policori, Tomasulo.
from San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy

Genealogy, pl. = genealogies, abbr. = geneal.
A record, table or account of the descent of a family, group or person from an ancestor or ancestors. The study and investigation of ancestry, pedigree lineage and family history is genealogy and is often misspelled as geneology, geneaology, geanology, genology, geaneology, genelogy, genealo, genalogy, genelogicol,
genealoyg, etc.

In English it is Genealogy
In Italian it is genealogia
In Spanish it is genealogía
In French it is généalogie
In Portuguese it is genealogia
In German it is Genealogie



Cupola Cam......from Florence. Cam situated on top of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral at 130 meters overlooking the city. Tip from Dr. Alessandro Trojani.
Laigueglia Cam....Laigueglia- on the Italian Riviera about 50kms (30miles) from San Remo just up the coast from Monte Carlo. Click on picture to get enlargement.
Florence Live Cam...Comprehensive site which has a live cam and also Florentine history dating back to 59 BC.
Cortina D'Ampezzo Cam....Mobile cam showing "Becco di Mezzodi" and "Le Tofane" mountains, and/or Cortina down town with the"Pomagagnon" mountain. A great ski area. Updated every hour from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Tip from Umberto Galli.
Perugia Webcams....Two views here. Click on Webcams. From the city of Perugia, and one is a look over the 4th November Square (The most beautiful square in Perugia, with an artistic fountain and a Cathedral). Click on live webcams. Tip from Matteo Risoldi.
Siena Cathedral Cam....Webcam showing the Cathedral at Siena in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. Siena is a major tourist attraction in Tuscany. It updates automatically every 60 seconds.
Rome Cavalieri Hilton....Here is a webcam which looks out from the roof on top of the Hilton in Rome which updates every 10 minutes.Tip from Gary Linn.
Strettoweb Webcam....Live stream from Sicily. Thats all I know so far.
Portovenere Webcam....San Pietro church in Portovenere live 24 hours a day from Palmaria Island. The image is automatically updated each 15 seconds.Tip from Andrea Trovato.
Jesolo Webcam....Jesolo is the second largest sea side resort in Italy. Tip from Massimo Ambrosin.

Living in Italy MORE

If this is your first encounter with us, you should know that The Informer's mission for the last 16 years has been to help expatriates settle into Italy and enjoy their lives here more by trying to resolve their problems, especially those to do with Italian bureaucracy.

Please note that this does not mean that we are "fixers". We are a constant source of information for foreigners, in English, based on the long-term experience of our editorial staff of life in Italy. This makes The Informer particularly useful for people preparing to transfer to Italy. And even more so once they have arrived here and experienced the surprising amount of difficulties that arise when it comes to dealing with Italian red tape.

Not that our usefulness ends there. There are always new situations that arise (in law, tax, social security, highway code, labour regulations, etc) so that even long-term expats find The Informer an invaluable point of reference.

From 1986 to 1999, The Informer was a printed magazine and back issues are still available. In 2000 it went entirely on-line with a view to providing up-to-date information to expats wherever they live even more efficiently. In March 2001 we revamped the site and introduced a number of new features and services which are available to all, whether or not you decide to subscribe:

The Survival Guide to Italy - the key issues for anyone coming to Italy

Deadlines Calendar - you'll never miss that vital tax deadline again

Free Newsletter - bullet points on need-to-know info

Books on Italy - the ultimate source

This site relies heavily on subscriptions for its financing, so your active support will be much appreciated. Annual subscriptions cost Euro 55 (timely renewals Euro 50; trial 6-month subscription Euro 30) which gives you: 

12 monthly issues of The Informer

Access to all of our Archives

Our exclusive Lifeline advisory service

Come join us - you won't regret it!

'Incidentally, please note that we are currently concentrating on Red Tape, which means that we have put a hold on our non-Red Tape articles (Cross-Culture, Travel, Food & Wine and Culture). The articles in these sections are from July 2002 and will not change each month. We keep them solely to maintain the site structure.'

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It has beauty. It has culture. It has great food, music and wine. And David Wickers, of The Sunday Times, has your perfect Italian holiday

A monk on a mountain, a royal in the garden. Le Marche is Italy’s magic kingdom, says Christopher Somerville, of The Sunday Times

Short break doesn't have to equal city break: why not bag a Tuscan farmhouse for the weekend, says Mark Hodson

Stanley Stewart, of The Sunday Times, knows nothing about boats, so what’s he doing afloat? Becoming part of the real Venice, that’s what

If you like food, art and architecture, Italy’s motor city is more Ferrari than Fiat. David Wickers has the keys

As a new Turner exhibition opens in London, Caroline Hendrie traces the painter’s footsteps around Venice

Lake Maggiore has a diabolical beauty — and its hotels are heavenly, says Robert Ryan of The Sunday Times

Don't spend forever plodding the streets of the Eternal City: follow Howard Jacobson to a little patch of Latin perfection

It's autumn — but if you hurry to the Sicilian capital, you can wallow in unusual conditions that improve your mind and your tan

As Milan gears up for its annual catwalk shows, fashion editor Lisa Armstrong offers a shopaholic's guide to the city

In his search for the finest of Italian food, William Black, of The Sunday Times, visits Stromboli, land of steamy love and boiling lava

Morning in the misty hills, afternoon on the sizzling beach, evening strutting your stuff — the perfect day for Harriet Perry

Shakespeare's Verona swept up Martin Symington and his daughter, where they took their turn in leaning over Juliet's balcony

Sophie Campbell finds Neapolitans firmly rooted in their home city, while Paul Mansfield is swept up by the city's good cheer


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City Guide
Rome , Florence

Lombardy, Campania

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Italy Newspaper
Italians News Agency.
Corriere della Sera
Italy's most important newspaper with national and international news (in Italian).
Il Giorno
Italian Newspaper online (in Italian).
Il Mattino
Italian News - Naples (in Italian).
Il Messaggero
Italian News - Rome (in Italian).
la Repubblica
National and international news (in Italian).
La Stampa
National and international news - Turin (in Italian).
National and international news (in Italian).

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica
National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci".

Nuova Accademia di Bella Arti
Fine art academy, Milan.
Politecnico di Torino
Public University, Turin.
Università Bocconi
The first school in Italy to grant a university degree in economics, founded 1902, Milano.
Università degli Studi di Bologna
The oldest university in the western world, founded in 1088.
Università degli Studi di Firenze
University of Florence. (in Italian)
Università degli Studi di Milano
University of Milan.
Università di Padova
University of Padova.
Università di Pavia
University of Pavia home page. (in Italian)
Università di Pisa
University of Pisa, founded: 1343. (in Italian)
Università degli Studî di Roma "La Sapienza"
University of Rome.
Università di Siena
University of Siena, founded: 1252.
Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia
University Ca' Foscari, Venice. (in Italian)

Education in Italy

Immatricolazioni degli studenti stranieri ai corsi universitari presso le università italiane statali (Università, Istituti Universitari, Politecnici) e non statali autorizzate a rilasciare titoli aventi valore legale - Anno accademico 2003/2004 (rubrica: Università/Studenti/Strudenti Stranieri)
Assistenza scolastica e universitaria - Tutte le informazioni necessarie
Italian Language Schools in Italy
a cura di Centro Studi Orientamento

ITA.L.I. (ITAlianistic and Italian Language) - No Profit Study Center for Italian language Promotion Worldwide.  ITAlianistica e Lingua Italiana - ITAlianistic and Italian Language - ITAlianística e Idioma Italiano (ITA.L.I.). 
Centro Studi per la diffusione della lingua e cultura italiana nel mondo - Study Centre for italian language and culture promotion worldwide - Centro de Estudios para la difusión de la lengua y cultura italiana en el mundo.
Art Schools in Italy
Music Schools in Italy
Theater Schools in Italy
Scuole italiane istruzione a distanza
Learning online - Università formazione online: l'insegnamento a distanza dal vivo (live distance learning). Learning On Line è il primo ed unico Istituto di formazione universitaria a distanza, in Europa, in grado di assistere gli studenti nella preparazione degli esami direttamente a casa loro e in modo interattivo. Partner della LOL, di cui ha acquisito il 25%, è l'Istituto Geografico De Agostini, che garantisce l'accesso ad una grande quantità di contenuti di alto profilo qualitativo e la copertura di molteplici canali distributivi.
Educazione interculturale online. A cura di RAI International
The Italian Educational System
The Italian School. Official site of the Italian Ministry of Public Education. (in Italian).
Internet School. A service of INTERPRODUCTIONS.
PLOTEUS - The Data Base on Higher Education in Europe
WorldWide Classroom - Italy Schools. WorldWide Classroom is a compilation of intercultural and educational programs around the world, which welcome international visitors. They include: University Study, Adult Enrichment, Foreign Language Immersion, Teen Camps, Volunteerism, Internships, Cultural, Craft and Heritage Programs.
Official Website of the Italian Ministry for Public Education (The Italian School)
Conferenza dei Rettori delle Università italiane
Guida online ai percorsi di formazione universitaria
Home Page of the Italian Ministry for University and Scientific and Technological Research (MURST)
Information Service of the Italian Ministry of University (MURST)
CINECA. Interuniversity Computer Center.
Bel Canto Italia - School of Opera
Centro Studi Cinematografici in Rome: Courses in Theory and Critic of Film
Progetto SOCRATES - Azione ERASMUS
Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections. The IECC is a free service to help teachers and classes link with partners in other countries and cultures for e-mail classroom pen-pal and project exchanges.
Informagiovani-Net. Youth Information Center, which provides practical information about state and private education in Italy, refresher courses, professions, social problems, culture and sports, how to look for a job and how to get it; how to travel in Italy and abroad, etc. The Italian graduate career site: job offers, companies profile, submit CV, mailing list and Italian career fairs. The only Italian career site in English. Our (free) sevices are for students or graduates who want 
to find job in Italy and for international companies that looking for new graduates (Main target group are IT specialists and engineers)from Italy and Est European countries.
International Center for Montessori Studies Foundation

American University Education in Italy

John Cabot University in Rome



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