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My wife likes Italian food more than I do. She's not a bit Italian. I'm half. Go figure.

Little Italy in the Bronx has a wonderful web site. Check it out HERE:

Shrimp & Pasta
Every Sunday we post a new Italian recipe
of the week. We get these recipes from
local restaurants, and people of Arthur
Avenue. Click here for this weeks recipe.

sausage, tee shirt, biscotti
Shop our online store, buy from the same stores you would visit on Arthur Avenue. Here are some of the items we have online

Italian Meats & cheeses

Italian Bakery Items

Tee shirts, Sweatshirts, etc..

And many more items. Click Here

This is a list of the Italian merchants of Arthur Ave (Little Italy). It has their Store name, address, and phone numbers, for your convenience. Businesses like Bakerys, Restaurants, Cafes, Butchers, Delis etc..
Click Here

The board brings the people of Belmont "Little Italy" back home so they can communicate. Over 10,000 people visit the message board each month, with thousand's of messages last year. Topics range from opinion on world matters to naming a new grandchild. Whether from the neighborhood or the other side of the world, feel free to put in your two cents. More here New Board

For the first 20 years of my life I lived close to or with my grandparents. They would come up with an Italian proverb for almost any situation. Back then I didn't know half of what they meant, but now they all ring true. I am not talking about “A stitch in time saves nine”, its more like a typically Italian saying; for example my grandmother used to say“ No matter how hard you beat a donkey it will never turn into a racehorse”. More here


Belmont is home to some of the world's most celebrated cultural institutions including the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, Enrico Fermi Cultural Center, Fordham University, and



Belmont (Little Italy) has a colorful and rich history. What makes it so dynamic is its residents, both past and present. Some of the people volunteered to share their stories with us. I think will find their revelations both fascinating and reveling. If you came from a “neighborhood” you may also find the stories eerily familiar. More here

Check out our new site

Uniting all the Italian Neighborhoods
in the United States


From the Italian Food Net from Italy Click HERE:

Ricettario Regionale

Il Ricettario Regionale dell Cucina Tradizionale Italiana per conoscere le origini della migliore gastronomia del mondo


Uno spazio per tutto e tutti! Associazioni, consorzi di tutela, avvenimenti, prodotti tipici, articoli, curiositΰ


Da qui si parte per un lungo e goloso viaggio intorno al mondo, alla scoperta di tutto ciς che θ cucina


E' sufficiente un click per comunicare con noi e per spedirci consigli, suggerimenti, critiche, o... la ricetta della nonna!


From ItalyOnline MORE

Italian Cookbooks

How To Make Perfect Pasta

Tuscan Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Learn the difference between oil, good oil, and the very best oil.

Orange and Fennel Salad

Pollo alla Griglia
Grilled Chicken

Frittelle di Riso
An Easter specialty

Italian Walnut Liqueur

Torta Mantovana
Light, airy and tasty Italian cake

A delicious Tuscan soup

Torta Tricolore di Polenta
Sims Brannon's unusual recipe for polenta, the Friulan equivalent of grits.

Pasta al Pesto
Sims Brannon's favourite Pesto sauce.

Tiziano, Tintoretto, Canaletto
Venetian Cocktails

Vero Napoletano
Pasta sciuθ sciuθ

Insalata Caprese
The Perfect Summer Salad

The Americanization of Cappuccino

Delicious Roman Ravioli

Recipes From Liguria MORE


Italian Food Sites:
Mario Batali"Molto Mario" Ann Esposito)
Italia Foods
A Taste of Italy(e)
Primo Foods
Flying Noodle (Ragu)
ItalianFoodForever Donkey Meat)

Italian Food Wholesale:
ItaliaWines (e)
Wholesale Database (e)(i)
Hotel Italian Food(e)


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Italian Recipes Page HERE

The Food of the Eolian Islands and Sicily • Voto: 9 (22) • Vota
A beautiful and erudite site dedicated to Sicilian and Eolian food. Includes a mouthwatering recipe archive, a guide to literature and cinema on the area and a complete resource list for lovers of Italian food.

100% Molisano. Molise Extra-virgin olive oil. • Voto: 8.3 (3) • Vota
This excellent extra-virgin olive oil of Molise, was born from the greening hills of Frentano. It is the result of the wedding between the ancient regional olive tradition and the consolidated experience more than 10,000 Molisan olive producers. More than the 60% of the olive trees used are represented by the cultivar "Gentile di Larino". In this site you may buy the oil, learn the recipes for using it. You may also see a list of events of this region, another reason to discover this wonderful region.

InCucina.TV • Voto: 7.5 (2) • Vota
The recipes (most of them explaine in video) contain a number of suggestions based on the Mediterranean Diet so BUON APPETITO and enjoy your food!

iBuongustai - food from Basilicata, • Voto: 6.5 (2) • Vota
Wines, pasta, cheese, oil, salami, honey, fresh mozzarella, and sweets from Basilicata to buy via web with 24-48 hour delivery.

Vin Brule' recipe • Voto: 6 (1) • Vota
Hot spicy wine, for winter nights.

Eatalia • Voto: 6 (1) • Vota
The name 'EatAlia' is made up of two words: eat (the English verb) and alia (which in Latin means 'other things'). Thus EatAlia sounds like an invitation to eat in a different way. Besides, when pronounced, EatAlia sounds like "Italia", Italian for "Italy"! Is it still possible to eat healthy and genuine food in the era of pesticides and genetically modified organisms? And is it still possible to put on our tables the tasty dishes of the past? We at EatAlia believe we can. EatAlia proposes a culture of eating well founded on taste, simplicity, health, respect of the environment, local products.

Italian Coffee • Voto: 5.5 (4) • Vota
How to prepare a good Italian coffee: suggestions.

Gambero Rosso online • Voto: 8.6 (3) • Vota
Italy's very own Michelin guide to food, hotels and restaurants. Expect the best - and expect to pay for the best.

Milioni online magazine • Voto: 7.6 (5) • Vota
Millions of recipes, ideas and suggestions to help you cook like an authentic Italian chef (or mamma).

La Cucina Italiana online • Voto: 6 (1) • Vota
For lovers of Italian food everywhere. Almost 10,000 mouth-watering recipes for those who want a taste of Italy. - the web reference for Italian Wine lovers • Voto: 6 (1) • Vota
A multilingual winebar where you can get to know and buy a huge selection of top-quality Italian wines. Discover the world of Italian wine through a wine-tasting tour of Italy, great monthly offers and guided search engines. The site includes interactive maps of the main wine-producing areas in Italy.

Classical Neapolitan cuisine • Voto: 4 (2) • Vota
Treat your family and friends to a taste of Naples and discover there's more to making coffee than boiling water...

Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo • Voto: 3 (4) • Vota
An association of 117 restaurants covering the length and breadth of Italy (including some as far afield as Japan and the US) which have come together to offer you top cuisine along with a beautiful souvenir - the 'buon ricordo' of the title - a hand-crafted plate in Vietri ceramics.

Olive Oil Guide • Voto: 7.5 (2) • Vota
This guide was written to inform the consumer about of how choose a good olive oil and how olive oil may protect cardiovascular function, in an attempt to improve our customer quality of life.


User submitted sites


The Italian Taste • Voto: 6 (1) • Vota
Site full of authentic Italian recipes, wine cards, cocktail recipes. You can also find a lot of ideas for setting the table and decorating your house. Download desktop images about Italy, flower, fruits ..

Delicious Italy • Voto: 6 (1) • Vota
Delicious Italy is written for anyone who enjoys eating and traveling well. We invite you to sample the latest food and tourism initiatives from the Italian regions and make use of our feedback service from Rome as well as personal contacts with regional tour operators to organise your own independent visit to Italy

History of Pizza - BIrthplace in Naples • Voto: 6 (1) • Vota
Excellent resource for pizza history in the city of naples, italy.

Cultura Gastronomica Italiana New! • Voto: 6 (1) • Vota
The first guide to the sources of the Italian Gastronomic Culture. Pleaces, books, images and protagonists.

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