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Resources for Italian Language study HERE.

Publication Types

Foreign Language News and Newspapers

Italian Language News and Magazines

The online newspaper of the city of Alghero.

Alta Frequenza

An electronics magazine.

Alto Adige

A selection of articles from "Corriere delle Alpi". Published in Bolzano.


Cooperative of 37 Italian dailies.



A national Catholic magazine.



An Italian business magazine. To access you must register. Also see a listing of articles.

Il Centro

From Pescara, Italy

Il Centro Internet

Online version of Abruzzo's daily paper.

Computer Programming

Includes selected articles and summaries from 1995.

Corriere della Sera

One of Italy's most well-known daily papers. To access you must register. Also see a listing of articles. (Works best with Netscape.)


An online cultural magazine.

Il Diavolo!

A humor magazine from Bellinzona, Switzerland.

La Discussione

A very limited selection of news summaries from this national paper.

DWPress Weekly Report

Selected articles from this women's press agency. For complete access you must subscribe.

L'Eco Di Bergamo

From Bergamo, Italy

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Italy's largest sports newspaper.

Gazzetta del Sud

A selection of news summaries from this regional paper.

Gazzetta di Mantova

The on-line version of the oldest daily in Italy,founded in 1664.

Gazzetta di Modena

Sister daily to Gazzetta di Mantova.

Gazzetta di Reggio

Sister daily to Gazzetta di Mantova.

Giornale di Calabria

Limited selection of news summaries from this regional paper.


A weekly magazine of articles (in Italian) from newspapers and magazines throughout the world. (Currently contains summary of latest issue, world news in brief, and a few selected articles.)


A limited selecetion of news summaries from this national paper.

Il Manifesto

A Daily Italian newspaper.

Il Mattino di Padova

The most popular daily in Padua.

Il Messaggero

Il Mosaico

A bi-monthly magazine devoted to social issues.


A monthly international yachting magazine.

Nuova Ferrara

Sister daily to Gazzetta di Mantova.


A monthly magazine dedicated to women's issues.

La Nuova Sardegna

Internet edition of the Sardinian daily paper of the Finegil-Espresso group.

La Nuova Venezia

From Venezia, Italy

Il Paese delle Donne

A political magazine about women.

Il Passaggio

A review of political and cultural debate from Rome.


Articles and news related to world issues concerning peace.

Il Piccolo

A daily from Trieste.

Politica ed Economia

Selected articles from this Italian magazine.

Il Ponte

A politcal magazine from the Lombardia region.


Sports news from the RAI.

La Repubblica

From Roma, Italy

Lo Sciacallo Elettronico

A monthly comics magazine.


An on-line Itaian monthly magazine.

La Stampa

You must subscribe to this daily Italian paper, although free access to information about film and literature is available.

Il Tirreno

From Livorno, Italy

La Tribuna Di Treviso

From Treviso, Italy


A Daily Italian newspaper.


"Il primo settimanale che affronta con realismo e ottimismo il problema di vivere."

Italian Language Online Resources HERE.



  1. Italian Language

  2. Cyber Italian - Interactive Language Course


  4. Ethnologue Language Database: Italy

  5. Free Translation

  6. Langtolang

  7. Language Dictionaries and Translators

  8. Systranet Online Translation

  9. Translation Dictionaries

  10. Travlang's Translating Dictionaries

  11. Web Italian Lessons

  12. WELL Resources for Italian

  13. Windows on Italy: From Latin to 'Stil Novo'

Page last updated: 17 March 2003

Comments: Italian Language

Selection of articles about the Italian language, annotated links compiled by a subject specialist, a subject specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Covers topics such as grammar and lingual history, and provides access to language courses and translation services.
      Subjects: italian language
      DeweyClass: 450
      ResourceType: documents, index
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 20000415

Cyber Italian - Interactive Language Course

An alphabet, grammar and glossary accompanied by three lessons. Based around conversations with the Pinocchio character. Resource is available in English and Spanish.
      Author: Cyberitalian Inc
      Subjects: italian language
      DeweyClass: 450
      ResourceType: guide
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 19991230

Free online resource for translating plain text or Web pages into English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish.
      Author: Lexico LLC
      Subjects: french language, german language, italian language, portuguese, spanish, translating dictionaries
      DeweyClass: 400
      ResourceType: dictionary
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 20000726

Ethnologue Language Database: Italy

A catalogue of all the languages and dialects spoken in Italy, with details of the numbers of speakers of each language. Also some demographic data such as rates of literacy, blindness and deafness.
      Author: Summer Institute of Linguistics
      Subjects: italian language, italy
      DeweyClass: 409.45
      ResourceType: document
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 19990501

Free Translation

Translation service facilitating the conversion of specific text or contents of a chosen web page. Translations available from Spanish, French and German into English and from English into Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
      Author: Transparent Language
      Subjects: french language, german language, italian language, portuguese, spanish
      DeweyClass: 400
      ResourceType: service
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 19990915


Multilingual dictionary offering single and multiple word translation between English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Turkish. Also offers basic vocabulary for travellers in each language.
      Author: Baris Elfe
      Subjects: english language dictionaries, french language, german language, italian language, russian language, spanish, turkey
      DeweyClass: 403
      ResourceType: dictionary
      Location: turkey
      Last checked: 20020801

Language Dictionaries and Translators

Index of online language dictionaries and resources, covering over 100 languages. Also includes a multi-language translator for Web pages and text, and information on online language courses, language chat sites, printed resources, ancient language resources and virtual language schools.
      Author: Rivendell International Communications
      Subjects: english language dictionaries, french language, german language, italian language, russian language, spanish, translating dictionaries
      DeweyClass: 403
      ResourceType: dictionary index
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 20000929

Systranet Online Translation

Web page translation service. Attempts to translate pages between English and one of several languages, including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. There is a free test but the full service is chargeable.
      Author: Systran Software
      Subjects: french language, german language, html validation, italian language, portuguese, russian language, spanish
      DeweyClass: 400
      ResourceType: service
      Location: france, europe
      Last checked: 20000915

Translation Dictionaries

Collection of online dictionaries offering English translations from and to Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish.
      Author: TierraNet
      Subjects: african languages, danish, dutch, finnish, french language, hungarian, indonesia, italian language, japanese, latin, norwegian, portuguese, russian language, spanish, swedish
      DeweyClass: 403
      ResourceType: dictionaries
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 20011129

Travlang's Translating Dictionaries

Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish dictionaries.
      Author: Travlang
      Subjects: african languages, danish, dutch, esperanto, finnish, french language, german language, italian language, latin, portuguese, reference, spanish, translating dictionaries
      DeweyClass: 403
      ResourceType: dictionary collection
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 20001202

Web Italian Lessons

Online Italian lessons covering vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. The lessons can be viewed online or printed as a PostScript file.
      Author: Lucio Chiappetti
      Subjects: italian language
      DeweyClass: 450
      ResourceType: guide
      Location: usa
      Last checked: 20000415

WELL Resources for Italian

Index to resources for those learning Italian, including literature, learning materials, dictionaries, Italian texts, newspapers, journals and newsgroups.
      Author: Consortium from Liverpool John Moores University and the Universities of Teesside, Brighton and Exeter
      Subjects: italian language
      DeweyClass: 450
      ResourceType: dictionary index
      Location: uk
      Last checked: 20000415

Windows on Italy: From Latin to 'Stil Novo'

Describes the development of Italian language and literature. Includes accounts of dialect formation, linguistic minorities and bilingualism, and traces the origins of Italian literature back to the 13th century.
      Author: Italian Embassy
      Subjects: italian language, italian literature
      DeweyClass: 850
      ResourceType: document
      Location: italy, europe
      Last checked: 20000615


An Italian language test online:

MORE from E.L.EASTON. Website sample here.


Test Your Italian
Quizzes & Tests

Listen & Speak
Read & Write

Why Study Italian?
The Language Classroom
Study Italian in Italy
Distance Education
Mail Lists

Secret Site!

Country Study
Latin - Italian
Search Engines

Say "Hello" audio / IPL
Language & Linguistics Maurizio Pistone
Linguistics:  Compare Italian & Latin Giovanni Flechia
Italian for Spanish-Speakers italiansrus
Storia della Lingua Italiana
Italian is the 4th Most Studied Language
Guida agli Studi Joe Landsberger & Maurizio Gramigni
Research Your Italian Ancestry
Distance Education
Language Schools in Italy
Italian Institutes


Teachers Virtual Forum for Italian Teachers
Teachers American Ass. Teachers of Italian
Teachers Didaweb
Key Pals
Mail List linguistics & philogy / lSILFI
Mail Lists Italiano in Rete
Mail Lists CILEA
Mail Lists Le Mailing List di Fabula
Mail Lists L-Soft International
Mail Lists Topica
Mail Lists Yamada / Univ. of Oregon
Newsgroups m@ilgate
Web Chat Yahoo Italia


Search Engines
Search Engines Colossus
Brigham Young Univ.
Edulinks Antonio Marsano
Italia OnLine
Italian Servers
Il Trovatore
Yahoo! Italia

Online Italian Language Course HERE.

Click HERE for more from Stanford on Italian Culture. A sample follows...

1. Search Engines: All American search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc.) are available in Italy-specific versions. These sites are great starting places for searches involving Italian culture, travel, chat rooms, events, job/study opportunities, etc. Although you can find Italian information on American sites, the Italian versions are a great way to eliminate material in English, practice your Italian, initiate more extensive searches, and come across the latest news, trends, events, and ideas in Italy.

-         MSN

-         Google

-         Yahoo

-         Lycos


2. Italian-American Resources: There are many online resources for Italian-Americans or others who are seeking information on events, Italian chatrooms or online forums, or articles about Italian culture.  

-         Italians R Us  A web guide to Italian culture that caters to Italian Americans. Free e-newsletter called “Molto Italiano.”

-         Virtual Italia  An online resource with recipes, travel tips, and book/film suggestions. Also catering to Italian Americans, it offers an event calendar and restaurant guide for San Francisco/New York/Los Angeles and a genealogy search engine.

-         Ital World A site dedicated to Italian speakers living in English-speaking countries. Contains some good links for accessing Italian online newspapers and journals.

-         Italian Genealogy Online and All Things Italian A site that focuses on the heritage of Italian Americans and therefore includes a last name search, basic information on how to obtain birth/death records from Italy, and a ship search feature.


3. Cultural/Historical/Informative sites: For those who are simply curious about Italian history or would like to see Italian culture presented in a more academic way, there are many sites that use the latest technology (webcams or virtual slideshows), pictures, or graphics to inform those who are interested about anything from the Roman empire to Italian wine. 

- Roman History This site offers a multitude of links relating to Ancient Rome. Links for ancient life/culture, historical sites, maps, and historical analysis of the Roman Empire.

- Italian Culture Features helpful informational links, but is most interesting for its section on live webcams and virtual tours of Italian cities or historical points of interest.

- Italian History on the Web Links to sites on periods of Italian history (the Renaissance or the Unification) as well as specific cultural institutions (the Papacy) and historical figures (Christopher Columbus).

- Tricolore: Home of Italians on the Net A beautifully designed site that includes sections on music, art, food, wine, geography, and history. A great introduction to the various facets of Italy.

- European History: Italy Provides links to sites for general (or “common”) Italian history as well as sites that offer more regional information. Also includes several interesting links to sites on Italian education and military.

- Cultura Italiana: The ultimate guide to links on every facet of Italian culture and history. Particularly useful are the links to Italian universities and to the online version of all Italian newspapers.

4. Academic Sites: For those who are actually studying Italian here at Stanford and would like access to resources for the study of Italian language or literature, there are many websites designed to assist with Italian in an academic way. Some of these sites are designed for those learning Italian as a foreign language, and some are designed as online resources for Italian students.

- Studenti This portal for Italian students provides a section of “Appunti” (Notes) that contains study guides, helpful questions, and socio-historical background for most major works of Italian literature.

- Lingua e Letteratura Italiana This extremely comprehensive list of links connects you to grammatical summaries, biographies of important historical/cultural figures, information on specific literary movements, and language sites that feature vocabulary lists and online placement tests.

- Garzanti Linguistica While the main part of this site is reserved to those who have purchased a Garzanti product, the Italian and Italian-English dictionaries are extremely useful for quick reference.

- Italiano e Dialetti For those interested in the regional variations in the Italian language as well as online resources that approach Italian from a more technical, linguistic perspective, this site offers a variety of useful links.

5. Fun Sites: Because no cultural experience can take place without examining        what other cultures do for fun and the things that they enjoy, I have compiled this list of sites that expose you to the sites that Italians themselves visit when they surf the web.

- La Gazzetta dello Sport The ultimate resource for Italians seeking the latest sports news, statistics, and scores (and by sports, of course, I do mean “calcio”!)

- Vivacity A site that allows Italians to search for events, singles, and business listings in their city. Also offers free text messages to Italy if you complete a free registration process.

- Il primo sito italiano di cinema A site that announces and reviews upcoming films. Interesting because it offers an Italian perspective on the American movies that are released internationally.

- Barzellette! The largest collection of Italian humor online. Jokes, riddles, funny pictures and videos, and a chance to subscribe to the site’s e-newsletter.

- Musica Italiana Connects you to Italy’s Top 20, samples of current Italian hits, information on concerts, and links to online fan clubs or fan pages.

- Cartoline The Italian version of Yahoo’s E-Greeting Cards, this website allows you to send an Italian friend or a fellow Casa resident birthday wishes, congratulations, or a simple “ciao.”

And of course, while I have no specific site to recommend, you can use any of the search engines in section 1 to search for Italian information on your favorite Italian celebrity, movie, film, or singer.


Italica.fucine - Sito, realizzato dall'Università degli Studi di Trieste, dedicato alla promozione internazionale ed all'insegnamento della lingua, della letteratura e della cultura italiana.

L'Accademia della Crusca e l'italiano in linea 

Italinemo - Riviste di italianistica nel mondo. Analisi, schedatura, indicizzazione delle riviste di italianistica pubblicate nel mondo a partire dal 2000. Abstract per ogni articolo. Ricerca incrocita per autori e titoli, per parole chiavi, per nomi delle testate, per collaboratori. 

Digital Dante

SuperDante. I classici online.

La Repubblica Letteraria Italiana Sito letterario.

Welcome to the Website of the Dantean Center of Ravenna

Boccaccio and the Decameron

Accademia della CRUSCA

Italian Language Resources

Lettere Italiane. A cura di Emilio Speciale.

Italian Dialect Poetry

Sito di poesia dialettale veneta. "El Graspo" (grappolo) è il nome del circolo di poeti dialettali di Thiene, in provincia di Vicenza, il cui sito Internet è diventato luogo d'incontro e scambio culturale tra i vicentini e i veneti residenti nel mondo. Nel circolo dei poeti dialettali, nato nel 1985, si creano e si confrontano le parole venete in disuso.
Il sito Internet è interamente dedicato a questo circolo di poeti dialettali, le cui pagine web propongono la poesia e tutto ciò che riguarda la tradizione veneta. Ideatore ed anima del progetto è il prof. Giuseppe Zuccollo, che mensilmente lancia nuove iniziative per l'allestimento del sito poetico. 

Pagine corsare - Pier Paolo Pasolini

Italianistic@online: libera iniziativa per la diffusione telematica della letteratura, della lingua, della cultura italiana. 

Click HERE to continue.

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