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My favorite movie, it may even be on video, is Clark Gable and Spohia Loren in "It Started In Naples". If you ever have a chance to see this movie, watch it. Based in Italy and the Island of Capri, it was filmed at an excellent time to reflect the last of Italian scenery. I have it on tape from a television offering back in 1991. I hope I never wear out the tape.

Bressanone - Panoramic view of town.
Cortina Live Cams - Views from Cortina and the mountains around town.
Florence - Camera sits atop a cathedral, watching over city.
Garda Lake SurfCam - Check it out.
Genova - 4 cams.
Maronti Beach Cam - From the island Ischia in the Gulf of Naples.
Mt. Etna Live
Papeete Beach - Live from the northern Adriatic coast of Italy. Flash Plug-in needed.
Portonovo Beach - Neautiful view from the Conero Riviera.

RAI-Italian Television Network
Enciclopedia Multimediale Scienze Filosofiche - RAI Educational

Internet Movie database or IMDB Internet Movie Database
World Movie Database.Italian Web Site. 
Tempi moderni. La videorivista di cinema.
Rivista del cinematografo on line
Italia. Cinema
The Daily of Italia Cinema. TAMTAM is the on-line Daily of Italia Cinema.
Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (ex Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) e Cineteca Nazionale - Cineteca Nazionale
La Cineteca del Friuli (Gemona)
Storia del cinema italiano. Edizioni Lindau. Sezione didacata a "Il grande cinema italiano. La storia, i protagonisti, le opere". Collaborazioni in occasione di rassegne cinematografiche.
Associazione Culturale CINEMAE



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