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Zoos, Safaris, Summerlands and Amusement parks

Astrid Lindgrens Värld, The World of Astrid Lindgren, Vimmerby, Småland

Borås Zoo, Borås, Västergötland

Dino-land, Åstorp, Skåne

Eriksbergs Vilt-Reservat, Nature Reserve, Karlshamn, Blekinge

Frösö Zoo, Frösön, Jämtland

Furuviksparken, Amusement Park, and Zoo, Gävle, Gästrikland

Gröna Lund, Amusement Park, Stockholm

Himleriket, Summer and waterland, Varberg, Halland

Järvzoo, Järvsö, Hälsingland

Kneippbyns Sommar och Vattenland, Summer- and Waterland, Visby, Gotland

Kolmårdens Djur- och Naturpark, Zoo, Kolmården, Östergötland

Liseberg, Amusement Park, Göteborg

Nordens Ark, Zoo, Åby Säteri, Bohuslän

Parken Zoo, Eskilstuna, Södermanland

Skansen, Zoo and Aquarium as well as museum, Stockholm

Skara Sommarland, Summerland, Västergötland

Skånes Djurpark, Zoo, Höör, Skåne

Tomteland, Home of Santa Claus, Gesunda, Dalarna

Ölands Djurpark, Zoo, Öland

Astrid Lindgrens Värld, The World of Astrid Lindgren, Vimmerby, Småland

Show from various milieus as written by the author. Meet the various figures. Show, film, scene, shops, and food.

Astrid Lindgrens Värld
S-598 85 Vimmerby

Phone: 0492-798 00
Fax:0492-158 85

Borås Zoo, Borås, Västergötland

There is the Savannah, an ape-house, a lion valley, and the zoo where the children are allowed to enter and pet the animals. There is also the elephant and the sea lion show daily.

Fristadsvägen 24
S-501 08 Borås

Phone: 033-35 32 70
Fax: 033-10 53 39

Dino-land, Åstorp, Skåne

Dinosaur-land with some 50 species in natural sizes. Treks with motives from fairy tales. A journey "back in time" from the time of the dinosaurs up until the present. Three-parks-in-one.

Dino-land, Gruvan Nyvång,
S-265 50 Åstorp

Phone: 042-679 79

Eriksberg Vilt- och naturpark, Nature Reserve, Karlshamn, Blekinge

Safari with over 1,000 wild animals, such as European bison. Over 2,000 wild flowers, such as the red water-lilies. A Children's Zoo, is also included, where the children may pet the animals.

Eriksbergs Vilt-Reservat
S-374 96 Trensum

Phone: 0454-600 58
Fax: 0454 602 16

Frösö Zoo, Frösön, Jämtland

The Zoo has more than 500 animals, Nordic as well as exotic. One can see wolves, bears, lynx, lions, tigers, dingos, giraffes, porcupines, and different apes. The tropical house exhibits a fascinating world inhabited by a disparate number of animals. Here one can also find a museum, an amusement park, a 3-D cinema, and a circus.

Frösö Zoo
S-832 46 Frösön

Phone: 063-51 47 53





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Furuviksparken, Amusement Park and Zoo, Gävle, Gästrikland

Amusement park as well as zoo, including a children's zoo, where the young ones may pet the animals. Bathing in a large pool, or in the sea. Camping available.

AB Furuviksparken
Box 672
S-801 27 Gävle

Phone: 026-17 73 00
Fax: 026-17 73 30

Gröna Lund, Amusement Park, Stockholm

Amusement park for all ages.

AB Gröna Lunds Tivoli
Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, Djurgården
Box 27835
115 93 Stockholm

Phone: 08-587 501 00

Himleriket, Summer and waterland, Varberg, Halland

Family park with "do-it-yourself-activities" in a beautiful nature. Bathing in out doors pools, etc., BMX bicycles, rowing boats, etc.

Familjeparken i Varberg AB
Box 341
S-301 08 Halmstad

Phone: 0340-433 70 (park), or 035-13 07 85 (office)
Fax: 035-21 98 14

Järvzoo, Järvsö, Hälsingland

A zoo with especially Nordic animals in a natural environment. Bear, lynx, red fox, beaver. One can also see moose, or elk, deer, fox, wolf, and many owls.

Box 17
S-820 40 Järvsö

Phone: 0651-411 25
Fax: 0651-401 25

Kneippbyns Sommar och Vattenland, Summer- and Waterland, Visby, Gotland

Kneippbyns Sommar och Vattenland
Box 5512
S-621 05 Visby

Phone: 0498-29 61 50 or 26 43 65
Fax: 0498-29 62 95

Kolmårdens Djurpark, Zoo, Kolmården, Östergötland

A large Zoo, including a Safari with five sections inhabited by, for instance, moose, bears, lama, zebra, ostriches, antelope, and lions.

AB Kolmårdens Djurpark
S-618 92 Kolmården

Phone: 011-24 90 00
Fax: 011-24 90 40

Liseberg, Amusement Park, Göteborg

The largest amusement park in Scandinavia.

Liseberg AB
Box 5053
S-402 22 Göteborg

Phone: 031-40 01 00
Fax: 031-733 04 19

Nordens Ark, Zoo, Åby Säteri, Bohuslän

The zoo is organised as a source for knowledge concerning animals. In the park most of the native breeds from the Nordic countries and Asia.

Nordens Ark
Åby Säteri 4025
S-450 46 Hunnebostrand

Phone: 0523-795 90
Fax: 0523-520 87

Parken Zoo, Eskilstuna, Södermanland

The zoo has the white tigers, black panthers, pumas, leopards, cheetahs, yellow tigers, and lynx. Among the really exotic animals is the panda.
Arranged adventures will be provided for as well.

Parken Zoo
Box 300
S-631 04 Eskilstuna

Phone: 016-100 100
Fax: 016-100 114

Skansen, Stockholm

Out-doors museum, park showing parts of Sweden, Folk dance, music, entertainment, concerts with various artists. The zoo has Scandinavian wild animals, along with the Skansen Aquarium and the world of Apes. There is the children's Zoo where the youngsters may pet the animals, there is also playgrounds, and fun activities for children.

Djurgårdsslätten 49-51
Box 27807
S-115 93 Stockholm

Phone: 08-442 80 00
Fax: 08-442 82 80

Skara Sommarland, Summerland, Västergötland

Waterpark, Amusement park, Go-cart.

Skara Sommarlands Nöjes AB
S-532 92 Axvall

Phone: 0511-770 300

Skånes Djurpark, Zoo, Höör, Skåne

There are approximately 500 Nordic animals among them most of the endangered species. This is the largest bird retreat in Sweden. There is a children's zoo where they may pet the animals. Close by there is a possibility for camping.

Stiftelsen Skånes Djurpark
Jularp 3135
S-243 93 Höör

Phone: 0413-55 30 60
Fax: 0413-55 30 58

Tomteland, Home of Santa Claus, Gesunda, Dalarna

Santa Claus shows his home, his factory as well as his animals. Arranged activities in doors as well as out doors.

Nearby are hotels and cabins, there are possibilities for camping, golf, tennis, bathing, mini golf, fishing and hunting.

S-790 43 Sollerön

Phone: 0250-212 00
Fax: 0250-212 07

Ölands Djurpark, Zoo, Öland

The zoo is inhabited by lions, tigers, bears, animals from the savannah, apes, birds, etc. There is also a tropical house, a Vivarium with snakes, crocodiles and monkeys. Zoo, Amusement park, Waterland, Fairy tale land, and a Dinosaur park.

Ölands Djurpark
S-386 90 Färjestaden

Phone: 0485-392 22
Fax: 0485-312 76

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