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HERE are a few images of older Swedish stamps from Sandafayre Auctions:

Stamp Image

1855 24 skill yellow brown.

Stamp Image

1855 24sk Bco, orange red.

Stamp Image

1855 3 skill green.

Stamp Image

1855 3sk Bco, First day cancel.

Stamp Image

1855 3sk Bco, light bluish green.

Stamp Image

1855 3sk green.

Stamp Image

1855 3sk green.

Stamp Image

1855 3sk yellow -error of colour.

Stamp Image

1855 5sk Bco, orange, first day cancel.

Stamp Image

1855 6 skill grey pair.

Stamp Image

1855 6sk Bco, light grey

Stamp Image

1862 17 ore blue grey.

Stamp Image

1862-7 17ore slate grey.

Stamp Image

1864 24 ore lemon yellow.

Stamp Image

1872 4 ore black.

Stamp Image

1872-7 20 ore orange red.

Stamp Image

1891 10 ore Oskar, carmine proof pair.

Stamp Image

1891-1911 25 ore Oskar ll, imperforate.

Stamp Image

1903 5k blue imperforate pair.

Stamp Image

1910 55 ore light blue, Gustav V.

Stamp Image

1911 55o & 80o unissued pair.

Stamp Image

1911 Gustav 80 ore black.

Stamp Image

1917-8 12 ore on 25 ore orange, variety overprint...

Stamp Image

1918 80 ore black, Gustav V.



Sweden Stamp Agency in North America

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Stamps the whole world waits for --- the Stamps of Sweden!


Ask any serious stamp collector what stands out about the beautiful Stamps of Sweden, and the response will probably be the exquisite engravings and the incomparable artistry. These are the characteristics that endow Sweden's stamps with lasting desirability . . . and make them stamps the whole world waits for.

To ensure outstanding quality, the talents of master engravers, including the most famous Swedish engraver of all --- Czeslaw Slania, the Royal Court Engraver of Sweden --- are called upon to create many of Sweden's beautiful stamps. The resulting superb detail, cleanness of line and exceptional designs make these stamps unsurpassed in all the world. And most of Sweden's stamps are engraved!

Sweden's stamps are made even more desirable and difficult to acquire through its strict policy of printing very small quantities. In fact, Sweden prints only enough stamps to meet the postal needs of its small population.

Now --- as a Standing Order Subscriber --- you can acquire these magnificent stamps conveniently and systematically for only Face Value plus 40 percent, just pennies more per issue than you'd pay at any post office in in Sweden. Don't hesitate. Place your order today!

Here are some hobby pages from a Sweden collector ED Denson

Welcome to the Swedish Stamp Collecting Pages

Swedish stamps offer stamp collectors a lifetime of enjoyment. They are beautifully crafted, interesting to look at, and inexpensive. The topical collector will find the treasures of Swedish culture, Sweden's natural beauty, and its animals and plants here. The stamp specialist will find many topics for research. And every collector will enjoy just spending time looking at and working with the stamps. If you already collect Sweden I hope this site will add to your enjoyment. If you don't yet collect Sweden, take a tour and see the pleasures that Swedish philately offers the collector.
This site is under construction. Please check it often for changes.



Articles about Swedish Stamp Collecting

Display of Swedish stamps & covers, Modern Swedish locals


Definitives (barely begun)

Commemoratives(begun - topical listing)

Back of the Book: Officials & Dues (Begun)



Swedish meters (begun)


Canceled abroad (barely begun)


First Day covers (barely begun)

  FDC text(barely begun)


Air post offices and cancels

Railroad post offices

Ship post offices

Bibliography & Links to Other Sites(well underway)

  Specialized Catalogs, Handbooks, and Articles Publications relating to regular issues Swedish-English philatelic dictionary

Societies Relating to Swedish Philately (well underway)


Collections for sale or trade (One listed)



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Articles About Collecting Swedish Stamps

  1. About collecting Sweden (Well underway - includes costs, issues per year, sources for stamps)

  2. Using Catalogs of Swedish Stamps (Scott & Facit)

  3. The Nobel Prize topic (good start)

  4. A List of Nobel Related Swedish Stamps (extensive)

  5. Who's Who on Swedish Stamps (begun - 40 listings).

  6. Swedish mail abroad (begun)

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Sweden mail abroad began to interest me as an outgrowth of Swedish stamps cancelled abroad. The Facit catalog lists foreign destinations for 19th century material, but not for the more recent.  I hadn't thought too much of it until ebay got going. The amount of specialized material on ebay is difficult to imagine. So I divided the collection into three parts:
1. Swedish mail to foreign destinations.
2. First flight mail to foreign destinations (ie mail carried on the first flight. It is always "return to sender" mail, and so it seems to me not as valid a useage as a cover that was intended to actually reach someone at the destination.
3. First day covers addressed to foreigh destinations. Until the late 1960s FDCs all were addressed and actually went through the mails to the person addressed - usually the collector. It is unusual to find a later FDC which is addressed or which did go through the mail. Pity. They are more interesting when they represent real useage of the stamps, it seems to me.
4. I considered but rejected collecting mail from foreign destinations to Sweden. These are easier to come by because lots of Swedes saved them in comparison with the percentage of recipients abroad who did, I guess.

Here's what I've got, so far:

"Real" mail:
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Cypress, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Germany (British Occupation Zone), Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Lundy, Nigeria, Norway, Phillippines, Romania, San Marino, Scotland, South West Africa, Switzerland, Tonga, Turkey, USA, Yugoslavia.

Argentina, Australia, Burma,  Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Israel, Kenya, M.E.F, Norway, Tripoltania,USA, Venezuela

First Flights
Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland,  Indonesia,  Iran, Ivory Coast, Japan, Liberia, Malaya, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda, Uruguay, USA, West Germany, Yugoslavia

Here is a selection of Nobel stamps. Click for MORE.

Nobel Prize Sweden Stamps


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Click HERE for a catalog of Swedish stamps online.

HERE are pictures of stamps in booklet form. Sweden does a great job of producing beautiful stamps. C heck them out.

This is an attempt to show the stamps in the Swedish stamp booklets to anyone interested. The list is not complete in any way because there are approximately 530 different booklets made to this date, some of them really expensive so I don't have a complete set of Swedish stamp booklets. But each year shown on these pages are complete, and scanned from my own collection.

1980's       1970's       1960's       Swedish stamps on the web
Explanation of the table contents
Yearly recurrent themes


1997 12 booklets
1996 12 booklets
1995 12 booklets
1994 11 booklets
1993 10 booklets
1992 11 booklets
1991 10 booklets
1990 10 booklets



1989 10 booklets
1988 9 booklets
1987 9 booklets
1986 10 booklets

Stamp Mixture - Sweden For Sale

An excellent way to get the best value for a beginner collector is to buy a mixture where all stamps are different. This minimizes duplicates which seem to accumulate regardless of what a collector does.

This web site has several offers of stamps for sale. The best buy is 200 different colorful genuine stamps from  Sweden for $14 postpaid. All are ready to be placed in a notebook, stock book, or album. That's about 6 cents each, postpaid.

These stamps can form an interesting addition to a school report, make wonderful additions to scrapbooks by croppers, can be framed, and can be included in a genealogical report to demonstrate visions of the home country at very little cost. Since the cost is very small, these stamps can be glued on any sort of poster or bulletin to add interest. I also offer topical stamps which are quite colorful. Click HERE top go to the topicals list where you will find stamps of birds, flowers, cars, boats, trains, planes, flowers, and, well you get the idea. These sorts of stamps can really add interest to reports, posters and school projects. They are also great for show-and-tell. I save stamps from Italy and Sweden mostly because those are the countries of my ancestors. I like having a little piece of something from those countries. You may feel the same.

Here is a picture which represents the sort of stamps you will get when you order 200 different mixture for $14 postpaid. . Since the sale price is so low, I can not scan every mixture and put it on the web site for you to see before you buy. But I can offer a full refund if you are not pleased with what you get. And the mixture you will receive will closely follow what you see in the sample picture. I have high positive feedback at eBay so you can believe I will refund if you do not like what you get. The stamps will not be mounted on a stock sheet as pictured. But rather they will be in an envelope. I will include some stamp hinges for mounting. I will also include an information sheet telling you how to mount the stamps.

Here is a sample of what you will get:


Click HERE to see my eBay feedback.

Click this buy now button to pay with a credit card. $14 postpaid for 200 different genuine stamps from Sweden.


A PayPal payment can be made directly to

Be sure to specify the country stamp mixture you want and include your address where you want the item mailed.

Or send your check or money order to:

David U. Larson

1342 SW Patricia Avenue

Port St. Lucie, Florida 34953-4903

Click HERE to see other offers of stamp mixtures for sale.



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