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An excellent way to get the best value for a beginner collector is to buy a mixture where all stamps are different. This minimizes duplicates which seem to accumulate regardless of what a collector does.

This web site has several offers of stamps for sale. The best buy is 200 different colorful genuine stamps from Switzerland for $14 postpaid. All are ready to be placed in a notebook, stock book, or album. That's about 6 cents each, postpaid.

These stamps can form an interesting addition to a school report, make wonderful additions to scrapbooks by croppers, can be framed, and can be included in a genealogical report to demonstrate visions of the home country at very little cost. Since the cost is very small, these stamps can be glued on any sort of poster or bulletin to add interest. I also offer topical stamps which are quite colorful. Click HERE top go to the topicals list where you will find stamps of birds, flowers, cars, boats, trains, planes, flowers, and, well you get the idea. These sorts of stamps can really add interest to reports, posters and school projects. They are also great for show-and-tell. I save stamps from Italy and Sweden mostly because those are the countries of my ancestors. I like having a little piece of something from those countries. You may feel the same.

Here is a picture which represents the sort of stamps you will get when you order 200 different mixture for $14 postpaid. . Since the sale price is so low, I can not scan every mixture and put it on the web site for you to see before you buy. But I can offer a full refund if you are not pleased with what you get. And the mixture you will receive will closely follow what you see in the sample picture. I have high positive feedback at eBay so you can believe I will refund if you do not like what you get. The stamps will not be mounted on a stock sheet as pictured. But rather they will be in an envelope. I will include some stamp hinges for mounting. I will also include an information sheet telling you how to mount the stamps.

Here is a sample of what you will get:

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Click this buy now button to pay with a credit card. $14 postpaid for 200 different genuine stamps from Switzerland.


A PayPal payment can be made directly to

Be sure to specify the country stamp mixture you want and include your address where you want the item mailed.

Or send your check or money order to:

David U. Larson

1342 SW Patricia Avenue

Port St. Lucie, Florida 34953-4903

Click HERE to see other stamp mixtures we have for sale.

Click HERE to go to an encyclopedia of all people who have been on the stamps of Switzerland. It is really neat with links to biographies, etc.

HERE is a selection of stamps from Switzerland with minerals pictured.

Official Name: Swiss Confederation

National Name: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (German); Confederation Suisse (French); Confederazione Svizzera (Italian)

Alternate Names: Helvetia; Helvetica; Schweiz (German); Suisse (French); Svizra (Italian); Svizzera (Italian)

Monetary Units: 1 Swiss Franc (Sw F) = 100 centimes (or 100 Rappen)

Location: Central Europe; bordered by France (west); Germany (north); Austria and Liechtenstein (east); Italy (south).

Here are details about the group of collectors who specialize in stamps of Switzerland. SOURCE

American Helvetia
Philatelic Society

The American Helvetia Philatelic Society (AHPS) is the largest group for collectors of Swiss stamps outside Switzerland. The current organization dates from 1975 but traces its lineage back to 1938, when six Swiss and three Americans founded the original Society for Collectors of Switzerland in Philadelphia.

Today AHPS offers a full range of services to some 325 collectors primarily in the United States, but also in Canada, Great Britain and Switzerland, from new issue fans to international exhibitors. The society is an important source of information and material on the stamps, postal history and philatelic literature of Helvetia, as this popular European country identifies itself on its stamps.

Please make your comments about this site to the webmaster .

Pictorial Survey of Swiss Philately
TELL: Bi-monthly journal
Membership and Annual Dues
Society Affiliations
National Conventions
Exhibit Awards
Ask an Expert
Mail Auctions
Sales Books
Slide Shows
Liechtenstein Collectors
Links to Related Sites
Dealers: Regular TELL Advertisers

A Pictorial Survey of Swiss Philately

Bruce Marsden, an AHPS member, has exhibited a very broad survey of Swiss Philately that he names Swiss Fondue.  He has earned awards at many stamp shows for this exhibit.  Click here to see the Web version, lovingly formatted by AHPS member Steve Weston.

TELL: Bimonthly Journal

The society’s primary service is its bimonthly journal named TELL, after William Tell, the legendary Swiss folk hero. This publication contains original research articles, translations, a question-and-answer column, literature reviews, society news, and advertisements from U.S. and foreign dealers.

Click here to see the tables of contents for the 2001-2003 issues.

An AHPS cumulative index, starting in 1938, lists articles published in all the U.S. society publications for collectors of Switzerland up to 1985. A supplement covers 1986-1997.

Membership and Annual Dues

AHPS annual dues are $21 in the U.S., $26 in Canada and Mexico, or $31 overseas. Membership information is available from the secretary, Richard T. Hall, P.O. Box 15053, Asheville, NC 28813-0053 or by e-mail at . Click here for a membership application form that can be printed and mailed; we welcome new members!

AHPS members have said, in a past survey, that they collect Swiss stamps for one of four reasons: family ties to Switzerland, the experience of living or visiting there, the fine design and printing quality of Swiss stamps, or the country’s solid reputation for a conservative stamp-issuing policy and hard currency.  Click here to see a geographical profile of the AHPS membership.

Affiliate of APS and Union of Swiss Philatelic Societies

AHPS is Affiliate No. 52 of the American Philatelic Society . It is also a member of the Union of Swiss Philatelic Societies , giving AHPS members access to the union’s monthly journal Schweizer Briefmarken Zeitung (SBZ) and the opportunity to exhibit in Swiss shows.


Mineral Resources: Salt.


Switzerland : Scott B273 : 10+10 centimes : 31 May 1958


Switzerland : Scott B275 : 30+10 centimes : 31 May 1958

Quartz (rock crystal)

Switzerland : Scott B276 : 40+10 centimes : 31 May 1958

Agate (quartz)

Switzerland : Scott B283 : 10+10 centimes : 1 Jun 1959


Switzerland : Scott B295 : 30+10 centimes : 1 Jun 1960


Switzerland : Scott B304 : 10+10 centimes : 1 Jun 1961


Switzerland : Scott B306 : 30+10 centimes : 1 Jun 1961




HERE is a great reference for Swiss stamps.

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The history of Switzerland to aid in understanding the issues produced. SOURCE

Era of the French Revolution : Helvetic Republic, 1798-1803
Era of Napoleon Bonaparte : Switzerland 1803-1815
Early Restauration : Switzerland 1815-1830
Late Restauration : Switzerland 1830-1848
Reshaping the Constitution : Switzerland 1848-1874
Economic Progress : Switzerland 1874-1891
Belle Epoque : Switzerland 1891-1914
World War I : Switzerland 1914-1918
Golden Twenties : Switzerland 1918-1930
Great Depression : Switzerland 1930-1939
World War II : Switzerland 1939-1945

Historical Atlas, Switzerland Page
Wars of Switzerland

click here for the History of the Princebishopric of Basel
click here for the History of the Principality of Neuchatel
click here for the History of Graubünden (Grischun, Grigione)


CIA World Factbook : Switzerland
BBC Country Profile : Switzerland
Virtual Library History : Switzerland
Article Switzerland, from Catholic Encyclopedia; Articles Switzerland, Switzerland and Literature, from Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911 edition
Swiss History, from Swiss Genealogy on the Internet
Links to Historical maps on Switzerland, from Univ. Montreal
List of Swiss Presidents, from World Statesmen by Ben Cahoon
Switzerland's flag, from FOTW
Timeline of Swiss History, from; from BBC News
Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : Switzerland, from Kirken i Norge
Political Resources on the Web : Switzerland
Wars of Switzerland 1800-1999, from ACED
Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz (Historical Dictionary of Switzerland), available in German, French and Italian
A Global History of Currencies : Switzerland


Flag, from FOTW; Coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry; from Wappenlexikon, comment in German
Primary Documents on the History of Switzerland from Eurodocs
Swiss Documents/Texts written by Swiss, from Athena, Helvetia Page; most texts in German/French/Italian/Latin
Swiss Diplomatic Documents, from DoDiS, online years 1945-1951
Cliotexte. Catalogue de textes utiles a l'enseignement de l'histoire, a website maintained in Geneva, Switzerland; many sources of Swiss history, in French
Documents on Swiss Constitutional History, posted by Univ. Bern, Institute for Public Law, mostly in German language
International Treaties Switzerland has signed, from Confoederatio Helvetica, in French
List of Ratifications of International Labour Conventions by Switzerland, from ILO, 56 docs. since 1919
World Statesmen : Switzerland, by Ben Cahoon
Historical Population Statistics : Switzerland, from Population Statistics, Univ. Utrecht
Banknotes of Switzerland, from World Currency Museum, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money
Rare Switzerland Stamps, from Sandafayre Stamp Gallery; Switzerland, Cantonal Issues 1843-1850, Switzerland 1850-1853, Switzerland 1854-1881, Switzerland 1882-1920, from Stamps Catalogue 1840-1920 by Evert Klaseboer
License Plates : Switzerland, from Francoplaque, from License Plates of the World
National Anthem, from National Anthem, from David's National Anthem Reference Page


Charles Dandliker, History of Switzerland, The History of Nations Volume XIII. NY : Colliers (1907) 1916, pp.327-594, revised by Elbert J. Benton
Wolfgang von Wartburg, Geschichte der Schweiz (History of Switzerland), München : Oldenbourg 1951, 264 pp.



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