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Right off let me say I prefer Lufthansa German Airlines. If I am going to Germany first, then that's my airline. I feel like I am already in Germany while waiting at the departure terminal at the Miami Airport. Then once on the plane, where almost everyone is German, I am certainly starting my vacation in advance of landing in the country. The attendants are German. The pilots are German. The messages about the flight are in German and English. Many magazines are in German. The food is German. And even the neat deal about giving you a hot towel before landing is German. (I hope they still do this.) This extends my vacation by a day each way. Neat trick, eh?

I also like British Airways when going to London. Same reasons. London does have better airline rates so that has also been high on my list of places to go first. I have flown many times on British Airways. They have been great.


But I like going to Germany more than Britain so I often start with Germany on a trip. I also happen to love the Frankfurt Germany Airport. It is like a small city. Click HERE to find out more about it in English. Click HERE to see what the sky looks like over Frankfurt right now! Remember they are six hours ahead of us.

You need to check around for good deals. Here are links to the special fare boards for each of the airlines that I know about which fly to Europe these days.



British Airways


Air Canada

American Airlines

Swiss Air   

Air France 


United Airlines 

Virgin Atlantic

If you have a fear of flying, there are many places that I have found on the web where you can get suggestions. Click HERE to visit these sites. I love to fly, take-off and land. I figure if the plane has a problem and I don't make it, then I will never look back on it with dread. I won't remember a thing.

Click HERE for more from Google about airfare details which are beyond the scope of this web page.


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