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This will be the shortest bit of information on going to Europe that I offer. The reason is that your choice for things to take should be very short too. You need one week worth of clothes. You need personal items as per the list I offered earlier. All of what you bring should be able to be carried by you for great distances up and down stairs.

A luggage carrier is ideal. The kind with wheels. I believe a duffle bag and a brief case are all that is needed. I have used this combination quite successfully. Do not take more than you can carry all at the same time by yourself. You will not be able to make trips to go back and get other pieces. When you leave luggage, and can not watch it, it will walk away on its own.

A back pack might be too large for luggage lockers at the train station. Hard sided suit cases are too heavy, too cumbersome. And anything more than two things to carry will be a disaster. You have only two hands after all. If in doubt of taking an item or not, leave it behind.

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