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If you ask ten different people who have visited Europe just why they went, you would get at least ten different reasons. Here are some of my reasons I have made trips.

There is always the fun of seeing the sites. Just seeing the sites. No deep meaning. No hidden purpose. Just being there is enough, sometimes. The vistas, the monuments, the street scenes all seem out of a motion picture. It is amazing to me that the Eiffel Tower, for example, is there right now. I mean right now there is that tower. I had a silly notion that if I was not there to see it, somehow it wasn't there. But it is. Click HERE to see what it looks like right now in real time. This link connects you to a web cam which you can even move and zoom yourself from your own computer if you're next in line to do so. Otherwise watch as someone else does the controlling.


Travel to Europe is great for language practice. There is nothing like being in a country to practice the language of that country. Textbooks do nothing to get you ready for the real thing. Somehow you will remember more of what you learn while there than any memorization exercise from a flat page in a book.

How about visiting relatives in Europe. That's always a good reason. The relatives might be quite distant, even. The trip can be combined with genealogy research. I remember my brother Terry and I visited this little town in the Northern mountains of Italy where some of our relatives came from. We even found a distant relative who insisted we have a drink with him. And we went by the church of the town where the record from when our relatives lived there. A small donation is all that it took for the book to be opened. This is a great reason to go yourself.

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Europe has numerous events happening all the time which might be of interest to you. Events of all types. Many years ago I write a booklet entitled What's Happening: Europe where I listed events that were happening all over Europe that summer. It was packed with activities I could not have imagined had I not been gathering information for the booklet. You can find out about events for all countries with a quick Google search.. Just type in the name of the country and the word events. Here's a link to Google. Do that right now just for the fun of it.

Collectables are everywhere in Europe. If you are a collector, Europe has so much old stuff you'll get dizzy searching for what you like. Watch the prices, though. You may get a great deal. And then again many items are better purchased in the USA. But the looking through so many items is the fun. Flea markets got their start over there. Jump in. The water's fine.

Eating specialties of a country is also a great reason to go to Europe. If you happen to like German food, wouldn't you think that would be the place to find it? Me too. Be sure to take along a dictionary, though, because what you may call something here in the USA could be quite different there.

If you happen to be buying a European car, as I did with my VW bus a way back then, you can get a better price if you buy it there, drive it until you have a certain number of miles on it, and then ship it back to the states. The added benefit is that you can visit the factory where it was made. You may even be able to watch your specific car being made. That's a rush, for sure. The difference in price when you buy a car here and what you pay there might be just enough to pay for the trip. It's something to check into and think about.

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