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Buildings of Kreuzberg Kaserne
Zweibrucken, Germany

The Kreuzberg Kaserne in Zweibrucken, Germany, has a long history beginning in the 1930's. Click HERE for more.

Links to the two pages of layout of buildings are provided on this web page. The diagrams were included in an orientation booklet given to new families arriving on base. The booklet was provided by the Officer Wives Club. No one ever gave me a copy. I found the copy I have at the Special Services room above the PX. As time allows I will scan the remaining pages of that booklet and post them on this website.

Click HERE to go to the Kreuzberg Kaserne building layout. This is a separate page which you can print easily with your computer if you would like.

Click HERE to go to the layout at Kruezberg Kaserne for base housing. This is a separate page which you can print easily with your computer.

Click on the specific links below to see what the buildings look like now. Brace yourself.

Here is a picture album link rack for April 2004 pictures from Zweibrucken by Phil Conrad.

Papa Club Strip Castle City Hall Medical
Stream Rosengarten Rosengarten Rosengarten Rathaus
Church Zwei Bridges Hill Road Road Top Jagerhof
Kaserne Gone OPS Remains Rod & Gun Gone View OPS

More pictures. Click HERE to go to a collection of photographs by David O"Dell.




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