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USAF Personnel at Zweibrucken, Germany in 1964

This page provides images of a list of many of the personnel assigned to the 6901st Spec Comm Group in about 1964. It was recovered from a posting on a bulletin board in the headquarters building in 1964.

Attached to this list was a notice that all personnel were to get an immunization of some type. I was given the job to clean off the bulletin board as punishment for having no laundry bag tied to the foot of my bed or something. I kept the list. Now it comes in handy.

If you happened to be in Zweibrucken in 1964, your name may well be on this list. The specific date of generation of the list is not known. I do not know the meaning of the red lines through some names. The number to the right of the service number is the rank. E1 is Airman Basic, E-2 Airman 3rd, E3 Airman 2nd, E4 Airman 1st, E5 Staff etc.





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